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Possible to control diabetes with minor dietary changes!

control diabetes

Diabetic type two patients can gain considerable control over the silent killer disease by adopting common dietary habits.

In fact, using certain types of diets 3 times a day instead of several times a day can help keep blood sugar levels balanced and under control.

This was revealed in a new medical study.

Research published in the journal Diabetes Care revealed that diabetic type 2 patients who rely on insulin injections are able to improve glycemic control by eating starch-rich breakfast in the morning and a short dose at night. Sugar levels can be balanced.

There are starchy foods such as wheat bread, rice, potatoes, breakfast cereals, barley, and other commodities.

Insulin use is quite common in diabetics who help keep blood sugar levels under control and protect lives but can also have serious effects on some people, such as increased body weight or blood vessels. Diseases associated with it.

control diabetes
Diabetic type two patients can gain considerable control over the silent killer disease by adopting common dietary habits.

Researchers say that diabetics are commonly referred to using small amounts of diet 6 times a day, but our research suggests that the use of starch-rich calories in the balance of glucose and glycemic control. Can improve in patients.

He says we believe that depending on our recommended dietary routine, the dependence on insulin injections for diabetics may be reduced or even eliminated.

According to research, our metabolism and biological clock are most active in the morning and at night in the hungry stomach (during sleep), but eating a little later in the day can affect this routine.

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They say that some foods throughout the day are not effective for controlling sugar and hence patients need additional medication and insulin, and insulin injections lead to increased body weight, leading to higher sugar levels. ۔

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During this research, 29 people were diagnosed with diabetes by the researchers their recommended diet ie bread or brown bread, fruits and suits, eaten in the afternoon and eat less in the night which did not include starch, sweets, and fruits. , Was used.

The results showed that not only did users of this diet lose weight but their blood sugar levels improved significantly.

Researchers say the need for such drugs, especially insulin doses, has dropped significantly, with some discontinuing insulin use.

control diabetes
Eating in sync times can reduce the use of insulin take in.

He said the choice of this diet improves the genes of the biological clock, which is not only effective in controlling diabetes but also prevents other complications such as heart disease and cancer.

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