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What will happen in the last episode? Adnan Siddiqui revealed

mere paas tum ho

Famous Pakistani actors Humayun Saeed, Ayesha Khaz and Adnan Siddiqui’s plays ‘Mere paas tum ho’ is becoming the most popular on the Internet right now.

After each episode of this drama unfolds, a relaunch on social media begins.

While fans are also eagerly awaiting the upcoming episodes.

While everyone wants to know what will happen next in the play, Adnan Siddiqui, who played a key role in the play, made several revelations regarding the last episode of the play.

In a video interview, Adnan Siddiqui said, “In the last episode, there is a scene in which he is talking about his father. I cried when I saw that scene, surely he missed his father. I also miss mine. ‘

Adnan praised Humayun and said, “The way Humayun mentioned his father, Humayun played this scene in a good way”.

Adnan Siddiqui also said that he was reading a lot of abuse for playing a negative role in the play, but he is happy that people are enjoying his acting.

It may be recalled that a few days ago, actress Hira Mani also revealed in an interview that there would be two murders going on in the play.

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However, after this interview with Adnan Siddiqui, it becomes clear that both Humayun Saeed and Adnan Siddiqui will remain part of the play until the last installment of the play.

The story of the play revolves around the character of Humayun Saeed, whose wife Mehwish (Aiza Khan) leaves him and goes to him, impressed by the wealth and personality of Adnan Siddiqui’s character ‘Shawar’.

The play also features Hira Mani, who plays the teacher of Danish’s son Romi and the daughter of his friend Matin Sahib.

I have 17 episodes so far, and another actress, Sweera Nadeem, who appeared in the episode on December 7, also plays the role of Shewar’s wife Maham.

In the 17th episode, Mehwish was going to marry Shawar, but on the last occasion, Maham reached home who slapped Mehwish for this.

It is clear to you that in the 15th episode, Danish also slapped Shahwar in front of everyone in his office.

At that time, the scene of the drama was also debated on social media and now Mehwish is being commented on.

What they liked most was the drama scene.

‘When Maham slapped Mahesh’

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He mixed Maham’s entry with Undertaker’s entry.

‘Best slap of the year’

It is important to note that the story of the play was written by Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar, while the directions are given by Nadeem Baig.

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