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Ali Zafar claimed Meesha Shafi has apologized for lying

meesha shafi and ali zafar

Singer Ali Zafar has claimed that singer Mesha Shafi, who accused him of ‘sexual harassment’, was ready to apologize to her.

The actor made this statement at a time when Mesha Shafi recorded her statement on December 9 in a defamation case filed by her.

Mesha Shafi recorded her statement yesterday claiming that Ali Zafar harassed her in-laws’ house for the first time.

Mesha Shafi said that Ali Zafar had ‘touched’ her during a ceremony at her in-laws’ house and told her husband at the same time.

The singer also recorded the statement in court, claiming that Ali Zafar had sent him messages of apology.

According to Mesha Shafi, Ali Zafar’s manager had told him that if the singers apologized to him, the action would have been acceptable on which he had agreed and said that if the singers apologize, then things could be fine, However, the singer has not apologized to them till date.

meesha shafi and ali zafar
screenshot- independent Urdu

A day after Mesha Shafi recorded her statement in court, Ali Zafar has now claimed that the singer also sent him amnesty.

Speaking to the British broadcasting agency ‘Independent Urdu’, Ali Zafar claimed that the singer had sent him messages of apology, saying that he was ready to apologize in isolation.

Ali Zafar said Mesha Shafi said she was ready to apologize in isolation, but she sent a message to the singer saying that the matter could be ended only when the singers publicly apologized.

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According to Ali Zafar, he sent a message to Mesha Shafi to apologize at the place where he accused them.

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With what personality did Mesha Shafi send messages of apology to Ali Zafar, the singer laughed at the question and said that he should send messages to a human.

Ali Zafar added in the interview that people are mistaken in his and Mesha Shafi’s case and the public does not know that they have won the case.

Ali Zafar said that till now, Mesha Shafi had filed a case of sexual harassment against her in three places and in three places her decision was reached and she won the case.

meesha shafi and ali zafar
PC: Instagram

According to the singer, initially, Meisha Shafi had filed a sexual harassment case against him in the Ombudsman’s office, where after the verdict came in her favor, the singer filed a petition in the office of Governor Punjab but the singer was also there. Failure to see.

Ali Zafar said that in the end the Lahore High Court also gave a verdict in his favor and also swept the team of Mesha Shafi.

The singer once again claimed that Mesha Shafi had falsely accused her of a scheme that caused her considerable harm and went to court to recover her financial loss.

One billion rupees case filed by Ali Zafar against Meesha Shafi is due to be heard next December 20 this month.

The statements of Ali Zafar and his witnesses in the defamation case have been completed. The statements of the witnesses of Mesha Shafi have yet to be made.

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