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A jury selected for Harvey Weinstein’s ‘rap’ trial

harvey weinstein

Hollywood Producer facing charges over harassment and sexual harassment, sexual exploitation and ‘rap’ allegations of at least 100 women. 67-year-old Harvey Weinstein is on trial for the most important ‘rap’ case The jury was selected.

The jury was selected by a New York court and seven men and 5 women were added to the members. While three additional members were also selected who would be made part of the jury when any of the 12 members of the jury. The member will fail to make a neutral decision.

The New York court decided to create the jury after Harvey Winston refused to admit the charges against him to the ‘rap’ and sexual abuse charges.

After refusing to admit the charges on behalf of any of the accused, the courts establish a special jury under US law, and the accused proves to the jury why he denied the allegations and made the allegations against him. The allegations were false.

Now Harvey Winston will also prove to the members of the jury that the allegations leveled against him were false, and if he cannot prove them, he will be convicted and sentenced to at least 28 years in prison can be punished.

Harvey Weinstein rap trial
Credits: AFP

For the said jury, the New York court sent out invitations to 600 eminent showbiz, political and social figures, of whom 120 accepted the invitation to be a member of the jury.

The Jury

The person to whom the court sent invitations and who appeared in the court to be a member of the jury was GG Hadid, a Palestinian-American supermodel.

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GG Hadid appeared in court on January 14 this month and admitted that she knew and had met Harvey Winston personally, but would still remain neutral as a jury member.

Many were shocked at GG Hadid’s assertion that he was meeting Harvey Weinstein.

The court selected 12 persons as members of the jury after dozens of questions from 120 persons for two weeks, but the court is also being criticized for not selecting young members.

Harvey Weinstein rap trial
Credits: AP

According to the news agency ‘Associated Press’ (AP), judges in New York courts have criticized young people for criticizing not selecting a jury member, saying that no one was ignored in the jury.

Judges say the youth was not selected in the jury because they would not properly understand the relationship between men and women before or after 1990 and the allegations against Harvey Winston were related. Also from the old time.

The judges expressed satisfaction over the selection of jury members, saying:
they expected the jury to make a decision in accordance with the constitution and the law.

Harvey Weinstein’s lawyer statement

Harvey Weinstein’s lawyers, on the other hand, also expressed dissatisfaction with the jury members, saying that:
it is possible that the members would not be neutral because there was a woman among the elected members who were younger than the older man. She is also writing a novel about sex with girls.

However, the court dismissed all the concerns and said:
if any member was neutral during the trial. The other member would be replaced instead, which is why three additional members have been selected.

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A jury will begin trial next week against Harvey Weinstein.

Harvey Weinstein rap trial
Credits: AP

Harvey Weinstein will face one of the most significant charges in the jury. The sexual abuse of a woman in 2006 and the ‘rap’ of a woman in 2013.

Harvey Winston dismiss both of the charges. And tell the court that all work is done under mutual consent.

A total of about 100 women have charge with sexual harassment, sexual exploitation, and rap. Including the two major allegations leveled at Harvey Weinstein. And they have pending cases in other US courts, including the New York and Los Angeles courts.

Firstly, Harvey Winston was accuse of sexual harassment and rap by nearly a dozen women in 2017. After which other women also came out against him.

Also, Harvey Weinstein launches the ‘My Two Campaign’ around the world only after women and actresses were charges.

Harvey Weinstein
Credits: US Today'
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