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Christopher Nolan Admits he’s a fan of the Fast & Furious series

Fast And Furious 9
Fast And Furious 9

Christopher Nolan has revealed that he’s a lover of the Fast & Furious series and features a particular affinity for the third film within the franchise, The Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift.

Nolan’s most up-to-date film was Tenet, which was released in cinemas on December 4 in India. In a show on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Nolan was asked about whether the rumor that he’s a lover of the Fast & Furious franchise is true.

He also admitted to being a much bigger fan of Alien 3 than the person who directed it, David Fincher.

He said, “I’m kind of an ingenious recipe [guy], I mean the Rob Cohen original … But I’ve got a really soft spot for Tokyo Drift actually. then the skill as Justin Lin’s repetitions, as they got crazier and larger and crazier and larger , they became something else, but something else quite fun.”

Nolan proceeded, “The fun thing about those films is whilst they’ve gotten bigger and larger and larger, as sequels need to do, everyone always laments that series get bigger but we’re the people making sequels get more significant, we do want them bigger, you don’t want them smaller, it’s the Alien 3 lesson that Fincher detected. you’ll roll in the hay but it’s not getting to make anybody happy, albeit personally I really like that film, tons quiet he does actually .”

Justin Lin was returned to the Fast & Furious franchise for the ninth and 10th installments. Lin earlier directed the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth movies within the series.

Fast & Furious 9 was slated to release within the summer of 2020 but has been launched by a year due to the coronavirus.

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