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WHY Christopher Walken Is Not A Fan Of Technology

Christopher Walken
Christopher Walken

Oscar-winning actor Christopher Walken isn’t big on technology, and he says he doesn’t own a cellphone or a computer.

During an interview via Zoom on a show, Walken told the host, “Somebody had to return and set this up because I do not have a cellphone or a computer.”

The host asked if Walken had an ethical reason for avoiding technology.
“No, no. I just need to it too late. I feel I’m right at a particular age where it just passed me by. and that I never got involved in it because it might be strange to possess any 10-year-old to be far better at it than I’m,” the 77-year-old replied.

The actor continued saying that cellphones were like watches because “if you would like one, somebody else possesses it.”

He also said he has never sent a text or email and never used Twitter.
“Sometimes on a movie, they’ll give me a telephone, but it’s more in order that they will find me like a tracking collar. If I would like to use it, someone has got to dial it on behalf of me, that sort of a thing,” said Walken.

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