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Young M.A Net Worth 2021

young m.a
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What is Young M.A Net Worth 2021?

Net Worth:        $2 Million
Age:      28
Born:    April 3, 1992
Country of Origin:           United States of America
Source of Wealth:           Professional Rapper
Last Updated:   2021


As of 2021, Young M.A’s net worth is roughly about $2 million.

Katorah Marrero, better known as Young M.A, is a famous young American rapper. She has been rapping since the age of nine And immediately became an Internet sensation for her talents.

Since the release of her single ‘Ooouuu,’ she has gained much greater popularity and acknowledgment from a portion of the rap industry’s greatest names.

Early Life

Young M.A.’s mother was born in New York City on April 3, 1992.

When she was just 1 year old, her father was shipped off jail and later released when 11 years old.

At the age of seven, her family moved to Chesterfield, Virginia, because her mother wanted them to be as far away from East New York’s viciousness as conceivable. She also wanted her youngsters to get well-rounded schooling.

During school Young M.A. started to record her rhymes, and in 2001 she began rapping for the first time.

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Later her mother got her a karaoke machine and set up her very first studio in her wardrobe. Her mother and uncle also enjoyed rapping yet never sought after it.

M.A. did well in school and became involved in basketball and football. She also enjoyed the Air Jordan brand of athletic wear, and her mother regularly gifted her the latest shoes.

She later became the lead vocalist of a rap bunch in Virginia called ‘Cash Makers’ yet not long after relocating to Brooklyn, New York, when she was 16 years old.

In 2009 Young M.A. was devastated by her older brother’s deficiency, who is executed because of gang brutality in Pennsylvania. This drove her to become seriously discouraged and stop making music.


After secondary school Young M.A. maintained small sources of income to make sufficient cash for a recording studio to seek after her music, in 2014, an American author communicated his aversion towards one of her melodies named ‘Brooklyn’ because he thought it advanced viciousness, negativity, and black racial killing.

Be that as it may, this only made Young M.A. more popular as the author’s audience immediately ran to see the tune for themselves, and the song currently has over 12 million views on YouTube.

In 2015 she released her presentation mixtape called ‘M.A. the mixtape’ and followed it up with her second mixtape called ‘sleepwalking’ that same year.

In 2016 she dropped one of her best singles named ‘Ooouuu’ which, as of July 2018, has over 266 million views. Since then, she has collaborated with several other large rappers, including Young Thug, C.A.S.H., and D.A.E.

She has also been featured on several T.V. programs, for example, the Wendy Williams show, the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, MTV Woodies, and verified.

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As of 2021, Young M.A’s net worth is roughly $2 million.


Here are probably the best highlights of Young M.A’s career:

SleepWalkin (2015)

Herstory (2017)

Praktice (2018)

Herstory in the Making (2019)

3 Rules for Success from Young M.A

Presently you thoroughly understand Young M.A’s net worth and how she achieved achievement; we should take a glance at a portion of the exercises we can learn from her:

  1. Find your purpose

Clearly define what your purpose in life is and follow it. When you discovered your goal, don’t allow anything to hold you up or stop you from filling your drive in life.

  1. Be true to yourself

Try not to change who you are for anyone else. Be yourself and be proud and embrace it. You don’t have to claim to be somebody you’re not. Simply don’t change who you are for anyone else; be yourself and be proud and embrace it.

You don’t have to profess to be somebody you’re not for fame or achievement.

  1. Inspire others as much as you possibly can

Be the individual who inspires others to pursue their dreams and make them work out. Set an example that you would want other individuals to follow and remember you for.

Favorite Quotes from Young M.A

“That’s why I keep it going. All the negativity, all the hate, all of that doesn’t phase me. Because I have a purpose. This is my purpose.” – Young M.A

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“There’s no need to make it shine and make a show, this is just me. I’m expressing me, that’s all I’m doing.” – Young M.A

“I was like nine, 10 years old writing songs, and I thought I was the best. But people also used to say it in the neighborhood. I never had any doubt about my music. Being on stage is something I always dreamed of, being in front of thousands of people and performing.” – Young M.A

“Every day I get at least ten or more comments from people telling me how much I inspire them. From guys, straight guys, girls, straight girls, it doesn’t matter. Black, white, Chinese, it doesn’t matter – I’ve been told by multiple people that I’m very inspiring to them and it makes them want to achieve whatever they can achieve.” – Young M.A


Young M.A. is a young, energetic rapper who has immediately made a name for herself and has collaborated with several other rappers in the industry.

Young M.A’s net worth is approximately $2 million, and she will unquestionably earn more as she is still very young.

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