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Dion’s response to “Reggae Jean is NOT Returning to Bridgeton’s Second Season”

reg jean page and phoebe dynevor in bridgerton
Source: gulfnews

The reggae jean page’s news not returning to Bridgeton’s second season had everyone shook, but it’s safe to say that Noah was more disappointed than misty on Warwick. Reggae Bridgerton and the internet got an earful once Dion heard this upsetting news.

Dion started her Twitter rant by tweeting, “no reggae jean you cannot leave me like that I will not happen in a follow-up,” she continued with, “I demand a retraction bridgerton I need to hear this news straight from reggae jean if this is true.”

And that’s not all; she also attached an audio message in the form of a unicorn emoji to her message and named lady whistle down directly in the clip “lady! whistle down now tell me or lying with that letter you just wrote about my uh he cannot be leaving no way i will not have it.”

You know if Dion is leaving you direct audio messages, she needs business, but sadly, the duke of hastings himself has confirmed his exit from the show.

Reggae jean wrote in an instapost, “it’s been an absolute pleasure and a privilege to be your duke joining this family not just on-screen but off-screen too. our incredible creative and generous cast crew outstanding fans it’s all been beyond anything i could have imagined.”

of course, no one wants to see their favorite character leave a show, but Reggie jean’s departure shouldn’t be a massive shocker to anyone. Especially fans who followed the books the show is based on.

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In the first installment of the series, “the duke and i “focuses on Daphne and Simon but the second book, “the viscount who loved me,” centers around daphne’s brother Anthony and his search for love.

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But something tells none of that matters to Dion because when joe Hopkins tried to convince her to let him go, Dion responded with a no if it makes you feel better, Dion! You are not the only one who feels that way.

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