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Sonos offers a near-perfect portable speaker with the new Sonos Roam

sonos roam 4
Image Credit: Techcrunch

Sonos has a new speaker that starts shipping later this month, and it’s a significant farewell to the company’s general offerings in a number of ways. All-new Sonos Rome There’s a compact, portable speaker with built-in battery and Bluetooth tooth connectivity – but still a lot of Sons system team player, WiFi streaming, multi-room features, voice assistant support and surprisingly good sound quality.


Priced at 16 169, the Sonos ROM is really short, just over 6 inches, about 2.5 inches high and deep. It weighs under a pound, and is available in either a matte white or black finish, the same as for the Sonos in the case of the colorway. Rome is also IP67-rated, meaning it is impressively & # 39; waterproof, with a depth of 1 meter (3.3 feet) & # 39; With a 30 minute resistance rating.

Sonos has placed the speaker’s control surface on one end of the device, including a microphone button, volume control and a play / pause button. These are, in fact, touch buttons, not touch sensitive surfaces like you’ll find on other Sonos speakers, which are understandable to use when carrying a speaker, and in case it’s raining. Touch controls with things like And water.

sonos offers a near perfect portable speaker with the new sonos roam

Image Credit: Techcrunch


There is also a power button on the back of the ROM, in front of a USB-C port for charging. It offers wireless charging via a receiver found in the base of the speaker, which can be used with Sonos’ own upcoming magnetic charging adapter (sold separately), or with a wireless charger that runs on any standard key. Can be done.

In addition to WiFi streaming, the Sonos ROM can connect to any device via Bluetooth 5.0. It also features AirPlay 2 for connecting to Apple devices over WiFi, and it works out of the box with Spotify Connect. The built-in battery is rated for 10 hours of playback on a full charge, according to Sonos, and can provide up to 10 days of sleep-like standby mode.

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Design and performance

It’s the smallest speaker ever released by Sonos, and it’s definitely a big plus when it comes to this category of device. Dimensions make it feel like the distance to the Red Bull can be short, allowing you to feel how portable it is. With a built-in battery from Sonos’ first portable speaker, the Sonos Move, Rome really feels like throwing something in a bag and bringing it with you where you need it.

Despite its small size, the Sonos ROM offers impressive sound – perhaps the best I’ve encountered for a portable speaker in a class of this size. Inside, it manages to pack a dual amplifier, a twitter and a separate custom rastrack mid-woofer, which Sonos has developed to help deliver both the low and mid with a fidelity that is typically & # 39; ; And avoids small speakers. The ROM also gets much higher than you might expect, while keeping the audio quality clean and free of distortions.

sonos roam 3

Image Credit: Techcrunch

One of Rome’s superb sound quality is Sonos’ automatic troplay technology, which allows the audio to adapt to its surroundings with an active and consistent suit. The mic should be able to work for this feature, but it’s great in most settings, and makes a big difference in both Bluetooth tooth and Wi-Fi streaming. It also helps to adjust the speaker when it changes direction from horizontal to vertical, and this is one of the main reasons why the ROM picks up more weight than other speakers in its size and price range.

ROM will be a winner in terms of audio quality for the price alone, but the extra Sonos system features that make it proud really elevate it to a true category leader. These include a standby mode that protects the battery while keeping the ROM on your system available for fencing through the Sonos app (easy, and also optional because you can hold down the power button for five seconds and actually your Can keep the charge safe) which is better for long journeys).

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One of ROM’s really amazing capabilities is the hand-off feature that allows you to pass playback of everything you’re using to listen to the system’s nearest Sonos speaker when you long press the play / pause button. It works almost like magic, and is therefore a great speaker superpower if you’re working with the house and yard moving around in your pocket.

sonos roam 2

Image Credit: Techcrunch


Sonos waited a long time to release a portable speaker suitable for their first trip, but they obviously used the time wisely. The Sonos ROM is the most thoughtfully designed, feature-packed and well-designed portable speaker you can get for under $ 200 (and better than many other expensive options). Even if you don’t already have a Sonos system to use it, it’s an easy option if you’re in the market for a portable, imaginative Bluetooth speaker – and if you’ve already converted to a Sonos, the decision is pretty much over. Is comfortable.'
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