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OnePlus 9 Pro users are reporting a lot of heat issues

OnePlus 9 Pro

Has reported overheating problems OnePlus 9 Pro Users. It is said that the phone often gets hot, especially when using the camera app. Many people have visited the OnePlus site online to express their displeasure with the situation.

OnePlus has already acknowledged the problem and told a newspaper that a software update would be released soon and the bugs will fix.

One person, in particular, tried to shoot a 4K 60fps clip but was only able to get one minute of video due to the extreme heat. Due to the extreme heat, another OnePlus 9 Pro owner could not take photos in direct sunlight.

OnPlus 9 Pro overheating complaints from Twitter

An Android system alert will also look similar to this, indicating that the phone is too cold to be reused.

Some OnePlus 9 Pro owners are experiencing the same problem when charging their phones. Excessive heat issues can, in some cases, cause excessive battery drain.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

“One thing we do know, though: OnePlus is aware of the problem.” According to a company representative, this is a recognized concern that will address upcoming updates, which may come in the next few weeks, potentially fixing the problem before the summer season, making it worse.

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