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Sony entices professionals with top-shelf, high-end Alpha 1

Sony entices professionals with top-shelf, high-end Alpha 1-TechCrunch

Sony is making a play for the world’s top end of professional digital cameras, where videographers and sports photographers demand high-resolution and silly image quality in short order. The new Alpha 1 beats most things on the market on paper, but it will set you back a whopping 6,500.

This, of course, goes beyond the price range for the average consumer and even the spending enthusiasts and “profiteers.” It’s a professional device. In this range, Canon has historically run with its 1D series, and most recently, its R5, a full-frame mirrorless one that took the competition to the league. To great praise last year. But Sony obviously jumps to the R5 in return.

The Canon R5 ticked all the right boxes: full-frame sensor, 45 megapixels at 45 frames per second, a great EVF, body image stabilization, and 8K video. Sony supports all of them… but eats.

The rear view of the Sony Alpha 1 camera is showing its screen and view view finder.

Image Credit: Sony

The Alpha 1 will send its 50-megapixel setting at 30 frames per second and without a viewfinder blackout (plus the sensor with backside-light will be more sensitive); The pixels of its EVF is almost double and can be refreshed quickly, 240 fps; Its 8K video is produced at high resolution (Sony uses full 8.6K and drainage); It will shoot for half an hour without any heat (an R5 quirk), And so on.

Sony seems to have deliberately overtaken Canon’s prominence in every way, although no consideration has been given to the cost: the R5 goes for about 00 3800, while the A1 is $ 6500.

Yet photographers are no strangers to spending on this type of cash business tool (a lens can drive you more or less). Anyone who shoots sports or nature knows that 30 fps instead of 20 fps can mean the difference between getting a cover shot and nothing more. Visual effects artists who work with footage peep pixels all day will be able to tell from an A1 8K to an R5 8K. Would it make a difference? Probably, maybe not. Do you take risks or pay more to eliminate them?


If it’s just a question of money to get the best instead of Almost the best, many people will write a check without a second thought. Of course, the R5 was released half a year ago, and its successors (“Mark II”) may change that calculation again.

To be clear, both the R5 and A1 have many cameras that most people will need. They are the bleeding edge of the industry – an industry that has been shrinking over the years. Heavy fighting can now have longer-lasting effects than professionals because bit players are unable to compete. It’s an investment in the market that they think will continue despite the continued premature smartphone acquisition.

Most importantly for us, this kind of competition in the camera industry is good because it offers advances that reflect the models we can really afford. Not that anyone really needs 8K, but that improved sensor readout and EVF would definitely be good.

You can read more about Alpha 1’s specs here.

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