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Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp Went Down For Thousands of Users

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp Went Down For Thousands of Users

Facebook’s services include WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram, Were down for thousands of users on Thursday. Instagram and WhatsApp, Facebook services restore for more than an hour after users reported communication problems.

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp Went Down For Thousands of Users

More than 112,000 issues have been pointed out on the user reports website Facebook, While 101,000 Instagram and 516 WhatsApp users joined ET on Thursday at 6 p.m. (Friday at 3:00 pm in Pakistan). Facebook did not comment on the reported issue.

Facebook Instagram WhatsApp

DownDector tracks status outages by collecting status reports from multiple sources, including user-submitted errors. Barriers can affect more people. This is the second major break in a month, with another crash in mid-March, an hour-long critical issue for Facebook and its other services Instagram, and WhatsApp Users.

The Microsoft 365 There were service disruptions earlier this month and another major setback in mid-March. Because COVID-19, Such output has a severe impact on productivity and is questioning the current trend of large numbers of people working from home around the world. Zoom, a video conferencing app that has provided millions of users with a remote work environment during an epidemic, also suffered a major setback last month.


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