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Lenovo’s new gaming phone looks really great!

Lenovo's new gaming phone looks really great!

Gaming phones are fast gaining popularity, and it is clear that Lenovo wants to continue offering Asus. Based on its appearance, Lenovo’s new gaming phone is Going to be a tough competitor; however, it offers a weird look.

Lenovo's new gaming phone

The new gaming phone will have a larger 5,500 mAh battery, 90 W (or 110 W) fast charging, and the same side-pop-up selfie camera as the first Legion series. Lenovo is not the first to use a cooling fan in gaming smartphones. Red Magic 3 from Nubia integrated a cooling fan into it in 2019.

Antitu’s official profile on Weibo reveals the upcoming smartphone design, which is coming on April 8; on the back, there is a Physical built-in cooling fan; this will keep the camera cool.

The second-gen version looks even more bombastic: the entire Middle Module module is high with split panels on both sides, giving it a grip reminiscent of Game Boy Advance. Although there are no holes for the front camera anywhere on the screen, this seems to be an aesthetic change.

Lenovo’s new gaming phones have got stereo speakers that appear in the work order and ‘ultrasonic trigger buttons. Also, it has a side-mounted USB-C port, visible in place.


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