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Oppo and Vivo will also launch mass production of foldable smartphones after Xiaomi

Oppo and Vivo will also launch mass production of foldable smartphones after Xiaomi

A Chinese microblogging website and Tipster reveals that foldable displays are targeting mass production for upcoming smartphones. Oppo And Vivo. Xiaomi has already launched a foldable smartphone earlier this year.

The digital chat station posted the details on the online platform and announced that Oppo And Vivo Working on two models; One with an 8 ″ flexible screen and the other with a 7 ″ foldable screen, both fold inside the display. The leak also revealed that the Oppo 7-inch panel was also close to mass production in early January. However, the exact timing of its commercial opening remains to be seen.

After Xiaomi, other Chinese companies will also start mass production of Oppo and Vivo foldable smartphones.

Oppo and Vivo

The Vivo The foldable smartphone will come with a stunning constipation design, with its 8-inch foldable screen. It still supports fast refresh rates and is 6.5 inches in size. Xiaomi recently released the first foldable smartphone, which will allow us to expect other Chinese companies such as Vivo and Oppo to launch their own versions soon. The exact start dates for these products are unfortunately not revealed at this time.

Also, in the second half of this year, new foldable devices from such manufacturers are expected to hit the market. This means that it will be possible to expect more competition in the foldable mobile industry in 2021, and the prices of these high-end smartphones will become more stable and affordable.


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