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T-Mobile exhibits long-promised 5G home internet service

t mobile exhibits long promised 5g home internet service
Source: theverge

After a long pilot period, T-Mobile is making its 5G home internet service a reality today. The organization announced a live stream today, teased as its next Uncarrier move. It tells 30 million homes are now eligible for the service — 10 million in rural areas.

Its price is $60 each month, or $65 without autopay, $10 more each month than when the pilot program introduces. The service accompanies no data caps, hardware rental fees, annual contracts, and customers self-introducing their own equipment.

T-Mobile states most customers will feel fast speeds of 100Mbps, and all eligible customers should see normal speeds of 50Mbps. Contingent upon coverage in your area, it will either utilize a 4G or 5G signal, whichever is faster. Yet, there’s a necessary caution: home internet customers are dependent upon data slowdowns during seasons of network congestion, which could be a severe deterrent to specific customers who live in dense areas.

T-Mobile’s discussion of 5G home internet dates back to 2019. The organization was putting forth its defense to the Federal Communications Commission why it should be permitted to acquire Sprint.

It asserted that gaining access to Sprint’s network would be a fundamental advance in offering high velocity in-home wireless internet. According to the organization, this would permit T-Mobile to offer an option in contrast to the dominant ISPs and bring faster internet to underserved rural areas.

Before the ink was dry on the arrangement, T-Mobile began piloting the service once again its existing LTE network. It began little as an invitation-just arrangement for 50,000 families. Starting a month ago, the pilot included 100,000 families.

Testing a pilot program in select urban communities is something; opening up that service to 5G customers the nation over is another. T-Mobile is certainly confident that its network can handle it, and in light of current circumstances: that spectrum it acquired from Sprint has surrendered it a leg, particularly compared to Verizon and AT&T. Perhaps when it’s finished fulfilling this promise from its Sprint acquisition talks, it can work on its promise to help Dish become that fourth wireless carrier that we’ve been absent.

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