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TechCrunch Editorial Staff Keyboard

TechCrunch Editorial Staff board

Some items are more personal than a keyboard, yet the Work for Home Guide often overlooks them. Why use a standard-issue keyboard when there are so many options available? Here is a sample of some of the keyboards used by TechRunch’s editorial staff. Some are boring, some are for different languages ​​- and each one is dirty.

Forgive the following dust, heat, and general dirt. The keyboards are hard to clean and tidy, and we tried our best to make our keyboards photo-ready. I’ve used two air cardboards on my keyboard, and it still looks like a toy in a preschool sandbox.

Please note that this post is not sponsored and does not earn anything from TechCrunch keyboard sales. We want to show off our gear.

Danny Cricketon

Image Credit: Danny Cricketon

Working across borders is hard work – working in languages ​​is even hard work. Getting a foreign language keyboard (mine is my Korean) has been a godsend, just so after two decades of using a computer, I still look at a keyboard as if I don’t know the keys’ location.

Now, should you get a foreign language keyboard? Good God, no. Definitely don’t buy it overseas as I originally did when I was a foreign letter persuader in Seoul, as obviously, the warranty does not change globally. Also, the last eSpace screened my last “Space White” keyboard (unfortunately, e is usually common in English / Korean in Korean, so this key gets a lot of abuse), And let’s say that the world is not specifically designed to order individual keys in a foreign language in the United States.

So I bought a new space gray keyboard. Apple said they didn’t get the white Korean keyboard e-key, so they gave me a free keyboard because Apple is great. So now I have two Space Gray Korean keyboards, one sitting at my desk and one in storage while I always destroy it while I’m typing it. Don’t buy a foreign language keyboard. In fact, don’t buy a keyboard at all. Definitely don’t be a writer. Just shout in the room of a clubhouse, and let’s move on to the next, post-text century.

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Devin Coldway

Image Credit: Devin Coldway

I’ve got it Vermilo VBM P. T. Tennis with keycaps and cherry red switches. It has a great solid feel, is very comfortable writing, and uses a deeper sound than some other Klicky keyboards. But I wouldn’t say I like setting media keys.

Earlier I had an All-Black Ducky One with side-printed key labels, which I really like. But I ordered it with cherry black switches, which turned out to be uncomfortable for me to use – they push a little harder and have a kind of “middle” kind of “peace,” and my body doesn’t like it Was. I, for one, like DIY in the sense of customizing dipswitches and programming media keys, although I’m fully aware that this is not for everyone.

I wish to combine Vermilo’s spirit and construction with its lovely volume cycle with Ducky’s keycaps and compatibility and Das Keyboard 4’s media controls. But I am now tempted by the non-cherry switches that their patents have expired, and the market is wide open. Someone sends me one of those little switch samplers!

Romain Diolet

Image Credit: Romain Diolet

This is my boring Apple keyboard. It’s a French keyboard, so it all looks weird if you’ve been using a QWERTY keyboard all your life. It works, it’s reliable, and I can type for hours and hours … The most important part is that I don’t think about it, so I can only focus on my writing. Yes.

Lucas Matney

Image Credit: Lucas Matney

The fact that Apple charges 14 9,149 for its wireless space gray magic keyboard when the Silver variant goes for 9 9,129 may seem like 2. 2.2 trillion to a company, but it may be because they Like sucking a ruble, so pay 20 more dollars. The reason for the dark gray color is that they have achieved such ridiculous success.

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In recent years, Apple has made it a point to remain conservative with entry prices for some of its hardware, but they have also begun to increase the cost of equipment for those devices. My desire to get an external keyboard that matches all my other technical things says more about me than Apple, but comes to Tim, do you really need an extra 20 from me?

Darrell Etherington

Image Credit: Darrell Etherington

The 3 ultra-slim by Kichran There is a mechanical keyboard with all the advantages of a small footprint and low-profile design while maintaining many large devices’ satisfactory typing function. It comes in either white or dynamic backlights, with a choice of Gatron Mechanical or KeyChron’s own optical switches, depending on whether you prefer a softer, clicker, or more resistant typing action in a range of options.

Taylor Hatmaker

Image Credit: Taylor Hatmaker

I bought this keyboard when I made my new PC last month. I usually use Apple Keyboard for work and play with most PS4 controllers, so I didn’t use it much. But a few weeks ago, I jumped on my main keyboard for the first time in my life. I tried using a Logitech K380 as an alternative, but it still has some key keys that make me feel crazy.

Now I have accepted my favorite beautiful rainbow machine Cooler Master SK622 as my day keyboard. This is my first mechanical keyboard! I went with the blue keys because I wouldn’t say I like the feeling of red, but getting in the habit of making noise is a bit of a chore. Ideally, I probably prefer brown switches! It feels great, albeit for someone (me) who types very fast but very complicated because I never learned to do it properly. Maybe now is the time Mario teaches after typing.

Natasha Loma

Image Credit: Natasha Loma

Needless to say, there is a lot to be said for my trading tool – except that it can be immaculate. White is definitely not as crappy as Apple would like it to be at the moment. The letter on the ‘S’ key is also slightly worn for some reason. Other than that, I have no complaints. I had to stop relying on the MBP laptop keyboard because it is too faulty (sticky ‘B’ and ‘N’ keys that either doesn’t type or double type in the faulty keyboard roulette). I like the compact size of the magic keyboard. The battery lasts a long time before you can squeeze the juice out of it to hunt for the more expensive apple dongles.

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I have a complaint: after a while, the Bluetooth tooth connection seems a bit fun as hitting the CAPS lock can kill the spinning wheel of the MPP for no reason. The keyboard seems to be switching Bluetooth tooth and coming back and restoring the command.

Matt Burns

Image Credit: Matt Burns

This is it Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional 2 With a partial set of custom keycaps. Yes, a long name for a short keyboard. It’s not perfect, and yet I love it. Don’t worry. It still has a number pad and media control. These are accessed by a function key (heart).

Happy Hacking Keyboard has a longer history than most, originally designed for Unix programmers. For me, the small size is just perfect for typing, and the keys feel lovely thanks to its novel switches. This keyboard uses topical capacitive key keys, which combines a membrane-based keyboard’s responsiveness with a sense of mechanical switching. The result is great clicks and clicks and keys that are resistant at the top and easy at the bottom.

Many newer versions of this keyboard come with wireless connectivity and quiet key keys.

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