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The Jazz Women’s Day campaign paints a bleak picture of Pakistan

Jazz Women Day Campaign Portrays Bad Image of Pakistan

March 8, International Women’s Day, is celebrated worldwide to commemorate the cultural, political, and socio-economic achievements of women. While everyone plays their part, paying homage to all the amazing women globally, some brands bring up issues that have nothing to do with reality. Yes, I’m talking Jazz 4G; the Jazz Women’s Day campaign paid tribute to women across Pakistan by highlighting an issue that is not really an issue of our society.

In one advertisement, we see an ongoing investigation in which the accused confessed that he killed his sister because he had a mobile phone with him. Seriously?

Jazz Women’s Day Campaign- A Misleading Advertisement

This is the most negative advertisement I have ever come across, and it does not represent our society in any way. This advertisement has left a bad impression of Pakistan in front of the whole world as it runs on all the national channels. Although most rats in Pakistan own a mobile phone and use it to earn money from home, there is a ratio of ownership between the two sexes due to its absence and lack of awareness and education. This gender.

Accordingly, GSMA- Mobile Gender Gap Report 2020, -54 percent are in low and medium incomes.
Countries now use mobile internet, and the gender gap is narrowing. Also, the report highlights this The capabilities of the handset Remains Primary obstruction To own a mobile phone for men and women. Among mobile users familiar with the mobile Internet, lack of literacy and digital skills continues to be a major barrier.

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Returning to the advertisement, Jazz 4G believed that it is not considered good to have a mobile phone for women in our society and when addressing this issue and make money. Sovereign (powerful), They are generously giving away free sims with their discounted digit smartphones. Does it really matter?

Instead of giving away free SIM, it is better to give free mobile devices, and then you will see that this is not the real issue. IT, It is poverty that deprives mobile devices of mobile devices. These vulnerable families own only one mobile device for the whole family, and when the man goes out to earn money, he takes the mobile phone with him.

By releasing this misleading advertisement, are you trying to paint a bad picture of Pakistan and want people to believe that it is a nation of terrorists who do not believe in rats? The advertisement states that Pakistani women are not given the power to trust at home, which is completely wrong. The man shown in an advertisement cannot be linked to Pakistani men. It is just a mental illness, and carriers of such an illness can exist in any part of the world.

Let’s go back a few years and see another advertisement of Jazz’s brother and sister who really differentiated Pakistan by showing Pakistan’s real picture. The advertisement begins with a strong comment, “Bhai, if bad news is spread, then all Pakistan will be considered bad.

It seems in a few years, the telecom operator has changed its advertising strategy, and now they want to perform. “Bad image of Pakistan. Jazz 4G should have created an advertisement that would give women rats a greater sense of empowerment and freedom.

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Following the ban on this ad, Jazz 4G has quietly removed it from all their social media pages and their official website. However, we apologize to the telecom operator, which has millions of subscribers, and still, instead, it paints a bleak picture of Pakistan and sheds light on real issues.'
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