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Google refuses to cancel Pixel 5A 5G, confirms it’s coming this year

Google refuses to cancel Pixel 5A 5G, confirms it's coming this year

Sometimes you get confirmation of an undeclared product to put rumors to bed, I guess. After the first rumors, this afternoon was Google’s strategy From Android Central. That lack of a chip put Kibos on a mid-budget phone.

Commenting on TechCrunch, a Google spokesperson noted, “The Pixel 5A 5G has not been canceled. It will be available in the US and Japan later this year and announce when a series of phones introduce last year. ”

With that time frame, the device arrives around late summer, meaning it won’t arrive in time for Google I/O in May, as some have speculated. Interestingly, the company seems to limit the device’s availability to two countries – at least initially. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly.

E.g., Avoid notes; the company is not particularly valuable when it comes to product announcements. The company used a similar approach before the release of the Pixel. Either way, this is not exactly the company’s standard approach to denying rumors, either unresponsive or misleading.

Google may be well aware of its pixel line these days. The phone line didn’t take the mobile world by storm at all as a result of long-running rumors that the company was trying to shake things up. This, to some extent, seems to have come out through some high profile.

Still, the premium side has struggled, yet its budget “A” line has helped buy its entire number. There’s no word yet on specific specs, but the handset isn’t expected to be as basic as its predecessor.

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