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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Lite launch delayed indefinitely

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Lite launch delayed indefinitely

Korean manufacturer Samsung has announced that it will not be launching the Galaxy Z Fold Lite this year. This means that the company will rely on two foldable devices instead of three. The delay in launching the Galaxy Z Fold Lite will not please consumers waiting to get their hands on a semi-economic device.

This means that we will see the successors of Galaxy Z Fold 2 and Z Flip 5G. Sadly, low-budget people were hoping to buy Z Fall Light in 2021, but it looks like they will have to wait another year. While Samsung’s foldable phones weren’t a huge success last year, the company has high expectations for its devices. The device is rumored to be out in July, although the company has not shared such details.

Generally, the Note is considered the most purchased series every year, but this year the company is replacing it with the Z series handset. Many tech-savvy people believe that the company is taking this step to equate the new foldable line-up with a new series of notes. At the same time, another ideology believes that the company is only promoting and wanting foldable phones. Is. To bring people to the latest technology.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Lite launch delayed indefinitely.

These foldable phones will be quite expensive in the market. The company should launch a budget-friendly smartphone, and at the same time, it will help beat the competition offered by Xiaomi, Google, Oppo, and Vivo. With that in mind, we can’t comment on why the company took this step.

The company officially announced the launch of ZFold in March 2021, which delay until the end of 2021. Because users are not given a tentative date, this means that the device’s launch is delayed indefinitely. The main reason for this delay may be the lack of chips. Many smartphone makers, including Samsung, are grappling with this issue. To deal with this, the White House S.A. Semiconductor assembly With industry leaders on shipwreck issue.

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