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Willo launches children’s toothbrushing robot

Willo launches children's toothbrushing robot

Are you 100% sure your kids are brushing their teeth properly? A New York-based startup Willo, Has been working for many years on a device that will change brushing teeth for children.

Willo has no new toothbrushes – electric or not. It’s an oral care tool that doesn’t look like a toothbrush at all. Beginners have worked with dental professionals with a focus on oral care.

The device can be quite scary when you don’t see it in action because it takes up little shelf space, and you don’t know what to do. But when you look at it in action, it seems easier than expected. Willo is especially targeted at children as they struggle to reach every tooth and brush properly.

Children should hold the handle and keep their mouth to the mouth. They can start brushing by pressing a button, and that’s it. They don’t have to do anything else. Includes silicone-based soft fibers in the mouth. When they press the button, it starts moving in your baby’s mouth.

The handle is attached to a large domestic station where a special rinse liquid is boiled to the water tank. Children do not have to use toothpaste or rinse their mouths. The device handles everything.

Finally, Willo is a connected device, meaning parents can track verbal care in a mobile app. You can also set up multiple users – your children will need to change heads before using the device.

Image Credit: Willo

If you are thinking of buying a device for your children, Willo costs $ 199. You have to pay $ 13 per month to get new headlines along with rinse pods that always fit.

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While the product is going live today, startups have already tested it with real families. These kids rated the device 4.73 / 5, and the parents gave it an NPS of 70+. They have been using Willo since the testing phase.

Behind the product is a team of 33 people in France and the US who have filed more than 50 patents in the last 7 years – 30 of them have been approved so far. The company has raised 17 17 million in funding from Cleaner Perkins, BPFerence, and Matt Rogers Fund Inc.

Of course, the concept of a toothbrush has not changed at all. Creating a tool that changes the way you brush your teeth is an important bet. But startups have taken many steps to address this challenge. Let’s see if they manage to convince parents.

Image Credit: Willo'
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