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Android 12 to Come with App Hibernation Feature to Help Free Storage Space

android 12 to come with app hibernation feature to help free storage space

New features are included with the upcoming Google software upgrade, Android 12, and the App Hibernation option is one of the most significant. This feature is an enhancement of the auto revoke permissions feature that came out with Android 11 last year.

The auto suspends permission and was immediate resets Android 11’s app permissions to an app that is long unused. By removing temporary files from inactive applications, your phones will have free storage space with the coming wintering feature.

XDA Developer noticed the hibernation feature in an Android code 12. The coding indicates Google’s auto functionality is being expanded around unused applications that only provide room to our apps. Not only does this function reset application permissions for inactive applications removes temporary files to clear storage.

Go to Settings >> Apps to open the unused apps page. It shows all the users on your phone who are sleeping. An explanation is specifically shown that if the app is unused for several months, permissions to secure the data will be stopped, alerts will be stopped and files will be deleted in order to free up the bandwidth. This application wintering feature is really useful for users with less storage space for low-end devices.

Since this product is currently being tested, it may be possible for Google to scrap this application launch schedule. Sit and behold, let’s wait.

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