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Jennifer Lopez had A Dinner With Ex-Fiancé!

jennifer lopez had a dinner with ex fiancé!

Earlier this month, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez officially confirmed their split, but over the weekend, they were supposedly spotted out to dinner together at the restaurant where they had their first date. Let’s get into it!

While we’ve all been coming to terms with J Lo and A Rod’s split, they just threw another curveball at us, making us wonder if they are really done for good.

For the past few months, rumors swirled around about A Rod’s alleged infidelity, and that JLo had called for a split due to trust issues. The two got engaged in 2019 but had to delay their wedding due to COVID. But then, a few weeks ago, they revealed they officially called off their two-year engagement.

In an official statement to Today, J Lo and A-Rod wrote, “We have realized we are better as friends and look forward to remaining so. We will continue to work together and support each other on our shared businesses and projects.”

They continued and said they wish the best for each other and each other’s children and thanked everyone for sending their kind words and support. But not even a full two weeks later, the exes were supposedly spotted out at dinner together again.

According to Page Six, J Lo and A-Rod were seen having dinner at the Hotel Bel-Air on Friday night. And as if that wasn’t enough of a plot twist, that’s the same restaurant the two went to on their very first date.… Are breakup dinners a thing? Because if so, that would be a significant full-circle moment. They also could’ve just been doing exactly what they said they would be doing in their statement, supporting each other as friends and continuing to work together on their joint projects.

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Since we, unfortunately, weren’t there, we can only speculate what these two were discussing, but the dinner and location have some fans wondering if it means there’s hope for J Rod in the future. Some wondered if this means there’s a chance for a reconciliation, And others seemed to be entirely over these two and have moved on from any hope of them getting back together.

As of now, neither J Lo nor A-Rod have confirmed whether or not that dinner was anything more than a friendship dinner. A source told Page Six, “There still seemed to be love and respect there.” And additional reports revealed that J Lo is “leaning” on her ex-husband Marc Anthony amid her split with A-Rod.

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Last thoughts!

So we will keep you updated if we hear anything else on the J-Lo  / A-Rod reconciliation front. But for now, if you want more on J Lo and A-Rod, stick around for more exciting news. Also, let us know down in the comments below what you think of all this and if there’s any hope for these two to get back together.

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