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Justin Bieber Debuts Dreadlocks DISTURBS Fans again!

justin bieber debuts dreadlocks disturbs fans again!
Credit: Newsfeed

Justin Bieber just revealed that he’s wearing his hair in dreadlocks again despite being called out for cultural appropriation for wearing them in the past. Let’s get into what fans are saying.

If you’ve been following the Biebs for a while now, you remembered back in 2016; he faced major criticism for this dreadlock hairstyle.

His response to the fans calling him out for cultural appropriation only made things worse. “Yeah some girl came up to me and she was like I love you Justin but that’s like my least favorite hairstyle of yours.” And now, Justin is wearing dreadlocks yet again. He took to Instagram and shared a series of photos with the hairstyle, captioning one of them, “Back in action.”

Fans Reactions

Many fans have taken to social media to express their disappointment in his decision to wear dreadlocks again.

One person wrote, “there’s no excuse for justin to be 27, supporting organisations that support equality for poc, release an album and an ep campaigning for justice in the world all to turn around and dread his hair.” Another fan chimed in, saying, “dear @justinbieber, ‘weather’ you like it or not, you are white and your hair isn’t made for dreads. please stop it. thank you.”

And this Twitter user wrote, “justin bieber got dreads? did he learn nothing from the last time”Others called out Hailey and brought her into the debate, wondering if she had anything to do with Justin’s new hairstyle?

Back in 2016, Justin revealed that Hailey made him get cornrows, another hairstyle that fans called Justin out for cultural appropriation.  So one person tweeted at Justin, saying, “you’re smarter than this. don’t let your friends ruin you my guy. we’ve been through this in 2016 on why wearing dreads isn’t ok. why do you continue to do this? lol. @justinbieber just bc hailey says it’s hot doesn’t mean it’s right. it’s black culture appropriation.”

And this fan added, “Justin is completely at fault but hailey is weird asf for making him get cornrows and saying she prefers dreads especially when she has a past of saying racial slurs which she never acknowledged or apologized for… I’m so disappointed.” Not long after the criticism started rolling in, Justin shared another post saying that “There’s power in acknowledging our insecurities. We all got em.” Adding that it’s healthy to open up and talk about them.

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But this only upset fans more, with one person tweeting saying, “Sigh Justin really going to call the dreads “insecurities” sir.. take that sh*t out.” So hopefully, Justin reconsiders his hairstyle and learns his lesson this time around.

Over to You!

We’ll keep you updated if we hear anything else from Justin on this matter. But for now, if you want more on Justin and Hailey, stick around for more thrilling news. Also, let us know down in the comments below what you think about Justin getting dreadlocks again.

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