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Selena Gomez’s SECRET Gesture For Fan, Exposed!

selena gomez's secret gesture for fan, exposed!
Credit: Newsfeed

A fan just went viral for sharing their heartwarming story involving meeting Selena Gomez and Sel writing their family a massive check on the spot. Let’s get into this sweet moment!

While Selena Gomez is one of the biggest celebrities globally, she’s always made it her point to give back to others. Over the years, she’s worked with UNICEF, Make A Wish Foundation, Times Up, The Lupus Research Alliance, WE Charity, and more. She’s also created her own charity, the Rare Impact Fund, that helps connect underserved communities with access to mental health services.

One percent of all sales on her Rare Beauty brand and funds raised from partners will be dedicated to the Rare Impact Fund, as she hopes to raise $100 million. But Sel doesn’t just make a difference on a global scale. She’s also been known to donate to individual fans and quietly visit fans in hospitals or at various events.

And on a Facebook prompt, one fan just shared their experience meeting Sel, and it’s the sweetest story you’ll hear all day. A woman named Nancy Jean took to Facebook to talk about her experience meeting Sel and explained that she was with her niece, who has Down syndrome, at Disneyland.

According to Nancy, Sel was with her boyfriend of the time and said he was another singer, but she didn’t know his name. Just in case you guys were wondering, Selena and The Weeknd did have a date night with some friends at Disneyland a few years ago, so this very well could’ve been the “boyfriend” Nancy was talking about.

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Anyway, Nancy went on and said that they asked to take a pic with Selena. Unfortunately, her security said ‘no.’ But after Sel noticed that Nancy’s niece was visibly upset, she made it her point to chat with them anyway.

Nancy explained that “My niece had no control and started to weep! Selena saw and left her group of friends and spent at least 15 minutes talking to my niece! I was pleasantly surprised at how lovely she was. She wiped my niece’s tears away and talked about how fun Disney is.”

The niece told Selena that her music makes her “feel calm and safe,” and a teary-eyed Selena spoke to Nancy about her niece. Nancy said that she “explained her health details to Selena and mentioned that she is getting treatment. And seconds later Selena wrote them a check for $10,000 to cover some hospital bills.” Nancy concluded her post by saying that they are forever grateful to Selena.

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Fans Reactions

Fans flooded this post’s comments, sharing how much they loved this story and Selena’s private donation and interaction with this fan.

One person wrote, “AND THE FACT THAT SHE DIDNT POST OR TELL ANYONE ABOUT IT MAKES IT 1000 TIMES MORE GENUINE AND REAL.” Another fan chimed in writing, “and this is why I love her, for her.” While another person added that Sel is the “Queen of kindness,” And we couldn’t agree more.

Final thoughts!

We love this heartwarming story, and we love how much Selena loves her fans, especially the young ones which she’s sweetly referred to as her “littles.”

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For more on Selena Gomez, stick around for more exciting news. Also, let us know down in the comments below what you think of this sweet story! We’re so glad this fan shared their experience with Sel.

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