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Cardi B & Olivia Rodrigo’s UNFORESEEN Friendship Revealed!

cardi b & olivia rodrigo's unforeseen friendship revealed!

“I’m so in love with her; I wanna marry her.”

Olivia Rodrigo hasn’t even released her first album yet, and her A-list fanbase keeps rolling in. From Taylor Swift to Halsey, to Niall Horan, and now to Cardi B, Olivia has another significant artist on her side.  Let’s get into what she and Cardi said about each other! As Olivia Rodrigo has shot to a whole new level of fame this year, some of her biggest idols have now become fans of her!

When Driver’s License was released, Olivia’s favorite artists like Taylor Swift and Niall Horan praised her and her song as much as fans did. And if you have been following Olivia for a while, you know how much that meant to a fangirl like her. She’s absolutely obsessed with artists like Taylor Swift and Lorde, and we love her for it.

And she’s also revealed her love for Cardi B, especially her songs Up and Get Up 10, “We just drove around and like played Up and Get Up 10 y’all if you guys haven’t heard Get Up 10 it’s so good.” And in a new interview with Apple Music, Olivia just talked even more about how much of a diehard Cardi B fan she is– and she didn’t hold back. “I’m so in love with her, I wanna marry her.”

And she also got into some specific lyrics that she’s “obsessed” with. “One of the lyrics is like, she’s like real B, only thing fake is books and I was like yes, that’s the best, that’s the energy I am obsessed with her.”  And aside from just totally fangirling over Cardi, Olivia also praised her songwriting abilities and gushed over how honest she is as an artist.

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“Some of the stuff that she says is just so honest and almost like, shockingly honest. When I listened to her song, I’m like, ‘Oh wow, she really just said that on a recorded album.’ Those are my favorite artists who say stuff that other people are scared to say.” Olivia related to Cardi even with her music and songwriting experience, especially with her album Sour that she’s getting ready to release next month.

Olivia said that she listens back to the lyrics of her music, and she’s sometimes terrified that she’s “literally writing about stuff that I don’t tell some of my closest friends, and I’m going to put out for the whole world to scrutinize and talk about.” She commended Cardi on her honesty in her music and just said how happy she is for all of Cardi’s success. Olivia said she’s almost been brought to tears before when Cardi’s music topped the charts.

And the love is totally reciprocated!

After Olivia’s interview with Apple Music started to circulate, Cardi took to Twitter to show the love right back to Olivia. She retweeted Billboard after they quoted Olivia saying, “@iamcardib gives me courage to sort of say whatever I want to say.”

In response, Cardi wrote, “This is so sweet. You doing sooo good for your age. Don’t let no toxic shit get to you and don’t let nobody restrict you from your voice.” Big sister vibes there! Olivia kept the lovefest going with the crying emoji and heart emoji. And if you’ve been following these two for a while, you know that they have shown their love for each other on social media before.

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Cardi called Olivia a “sweetie pie” and said she couldn’t wait for her new music, and Olivia re-tweeted Cardi, saying she loves her. I mean, their friendship truly couldn’t get more adorable, and we love how much they stand with each other.

Last thoughts!

These two still haven’t met in person, but we are waiting for that day because we know it’s going to be epic. For now, if you want more on Olivia Rodrigo’s new music, stick around for more exciting news. Also, let us know down in the comments below what you think of Olivia and Cardi’s friendship.'
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