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David Dobrik Accused of Imposing NEAR-FATAL Injuries On Vlog Squad Member!

david dobrik accused of imposing near fatal injuries on vlog squad member!

David Dobrik is facing criticism once again after fellow Vlog Squad member Jeff Wittek accused him of putting his life on the line during a series of dangerous pranks, including one that went too far. Let’s get into it.

Vlog Squad fans are familiar with Jeff. He’s been making videos with David Dobrik and his crew for a couple of years and has his own massive YouTube channel with almost 3 million subscribers.

Jeff is known for his show “Jeff’s Barbershop,” where he’s had on guests like Addison Rae, Dixie D’Amelio, the Dolan Twins, and more. Fans know that Jeff started working as a barber when he was only 16, so this show is perfect for him. But last week, Jeff revealed he would be sharing a new docuseries called “Don’t Try This At Home” on his channel with the truth about his accident.

If you’ve been keeping up with Jeff over this past year, you’ve seen that his face was bruised and bandaged up last summer, but he never revealed the truth about what happened.  “What happened to you? I fell off a building.  “I was in a skydiving accident the chute didn’t open.”

Jeff is finally getting honest about his accident with fans in his new docuseries, and he is not holding back. The reason why I’m keeping all this secret is not that I’m suing anybody. Legally I can’t get into what happened. My lawyers told me not to speak on it. It’s not because I was covering for anybody or signed an NDA.” Instead, Jeff said that he just joked about it up until this point because that’s how he coped with the pain.

In the first episode of the series, Jeff talked about his upbringing in Staten Island and spoke about meeting David Dobrik for the first time. He explained that he didn’t intend to start vlogging with David, but one thing led to another, and his career took off.

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Episode one of the docu-series didn’t get into the accident, but episode two called “How I Broke My Face,” laid out the entire story. At the beginning of the episode, Jeff revealed that David wanted to do some sort of stunt video as their first video back after the COVID lockdowns, because as fans know, David still hasn’t posted a formal vlog in a year.

The first vlog was a series of stunts, including skydiving, because Jeff revealed that David got inspo from fellow YouTuber Devin Super Tramp, who is known for his extreme sports and stunt videos.

And so David sent Jeff, along with Todd and Natalie, to jump out of an airplane 25 times to get certified. Yep you heard that right, they had to skydive 25 times, and notably, David didn’t join them. “When the f**k did we go from agreeing to one jump to 25?”

And they actually did it. Natalie, Todd, and Jeff spent every day during quarantine jumping out of planes. There were some scary incidents involving wind, but they continued on and eventually headed to Utah to meet up with David and the rest of the Vlog Squad crew for more stunts.

Jeff explained that they all showed up at a lake, and they had a tractor there to do a stunt where the tractor would swing them around and around. David was controlling the tractor as they all took turns wakeboarding. But eventually, they decided that the Vlog Squad was there to make funny videos, so they took the stunt to the next level with a rope.

Corinna Kopf was the first to hop on the rope, and David swung her around with the tractor. He said the shot looked beautiful and kept going, but eventually, it went a little too far for Corinna’s liking. “The thing comes off and it starts falling down and Corinna’s like what the f**k put me down put me down, you take things too far. She’s like you take things too far David.”

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Jeff hopped on the rope next, and at first, he wasn’t super worried because he had just jumped out of a plane 25 times. But when David started swinging him around, it went too fast, and things took a somber turn for the worse. “I forgot that the biggest f**king idiot I know was driving it. Oh s**t.”

Fellow Vlog Squad members looked back on the experience as they all ran into the water to try to help Jeff and get him to a hospital. “The whole side of his face is just open and nobody could do anything to stop it.” Jeff ended up having severe facial and skull fractures.

Back in June, Jeff shared this post about the accident, writing, “Sorry I haven’t posted any new pics of the mullet this week. I got in an accident and broke my face and skull in a few places. But I’m OK. I’m more alive than ever. I’ll heal up good as new.”

But in his docuseries, Jeff shows the more difficult toll this serious accident took on his mental and physical health. And shortly after this second episode dropped, David Dobrik started trending on Twitter again.

Fans Reactions

Fans know that David has been making headlines recently after a woman alleged she was raped during production on one of his 2018 vlogs that were later posted to David’s YouTube channel.

And now, fans are calling out David for almost killing Jeff for the sake of a vlog. One person wrote, “so when twitter gonna talk abt how david dobrik permanently disabled his friend (jeff wittek) all in the name of content for the vlog cause i can start that.”

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This fan chimed in writing, “I’ve never felt so angry at a dumb a** influencer before. David Dobrik needs to be stopped. He’s always been irresponsible at his friends expense for YOUTUBE videos. He COULD have been charged with manslaughter had Jeff been inches closer to the excavator. IM LIVIDDDDD.”

And this person added, “well it’s the fact that david dobrik never participates in the stunts and lets his ‘friends’ do it should be enough to tell you what kind of person he is regardless of whether he’s aware of it or not but anyway jeff wittek i’m grateful you’re alive.”

Over to You!

We also agree that we’re so glad Jeff is alive, and obviously, this stunt vlog hasn’t seen the light of day on David’s channel. David hasn’t spoken out on the matter since Jeff’s docu-series went live, but he does appear in the videos and interview segments of the show.

We will keep you guys posted if we hear anything else about this or if David speaks out. But for now, if you want more David Dobrik and the brands that have dropped him amid all of this years’ serious allegations, stick around for more updated news.

Also, let us know down in the comments below what you think of all of this– do you think David owes Jeff a public apology for the accident? And do you think the Vlog Squad’s vlogs went too far?'
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