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Billie Eilish States Her POWER With Snakes In ‘Your Power’ Video

billie eilish states her power with snakes in 'your power' video

Billie Eilish just published the first song and music video from her new album Happier Than Ever, and fans cannot get enough of the track ‘Your Power’ and this entire new era. Let’s get into it!

Earlier this week, Billie Eilish revealed that she highly anticipated the new 16-track album is released on July 30th. She’s been teasing her album, which we now know is called Happier Than Ever, for a while now.

Back in January, she even dropped an Easter egg saying she “couldn’t be happier” with the new music she’s been working on. “I feel like a different person. Like I really couldn’t be happier with what I’ve been creating and like couldn’t be prouder of myself.”

And in her post this week, Billie said, “this is my favorite thing i’ve ever created and i am so excited and nervous and EAGER for you to hear it. i can’t even tell you. i’ve never felt so much love for a project than i do for this one.”

Now that the first song is finally here, we know precisely what Billie was talking about because even after hearing just one track, we can tell how unbelievable this album is going to be. Is it just me, or are you already getting some Grammys buzz for Happier Than Ever?!

Billie’s first single off the album is actually the 12th song on the tracklist, according to this list she posted earlier this week. The song is called Your Power, and it came with an incredible music video, and Billie revealed on IG stories that she directed it herself.

In her post about the song, Billie wrote, “this is one of my favorite songs i’ve ever written. i feel very vulnerable putting this one out because i hold it so close to my heart.”

She continued by saying that she hopes this song can “inspire change” and encourage people not to abuse their power. And as soon as the video dropped, fans started sharing their reactions to Billie’s new song. Billie quickly started trending on Twitter, and fans flooded the comment section of her music video, showing their love for the song.

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One person wrote quote, “this way this makes me feel is unexplainable, let me just float among the stars.” Another chimed in, saying, “WE IN A NEW ERA NOW BABY!!! BILLIE ALBUM SEASON..” This fan added “words of Billie “Try not to abuse your power.” This is the best truth I have ever heard.”

And this person is basically all of us right now writing “SHE SOUNDS LIKE AN ANGEL I’M GONNA CRY” And while this is only the first new song off Billie’s new album, we also got to hear a sneak peak of track 15– “Happier Than Ever” — in her IG post earlier this week.  That video got almost 20 million views in just a few days.

Final thoughts!

We can’t wait to hear that whole track and all 16 songs on her album. We’ll be counting down the days until July 30th and just hoping that we will get to hear a couple more singles before then!

We’ll keep you guys posted as we learn any new info on Billie’s new era, But for now, if you want more on Billie Eilish, stick around for more thrilling news. Also, let us know down in the comments below what you think of her new song, Your Power. I LOVE IT.

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