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Bretman Rock SUPPORTS Princess Mae After Viral Physical Altercation

bretman rock supports princess mae after viral physical altercation

Bretman Rock is stepping up his extensive brotherly duties and showing support for his little sister Princess Mae after an alleged physical altercation with her boyfriend went viral. Let’s get into it.

Fans of Bretman Rock are well-aware of the tight-knit bond he and his sister and social media influencer Princess Mae share, aside from a few minor hiccups throughout their relationship. But any siblings know that in times of need, they will ALWAYS be each other’s rocks, and if anyone, Bretman knows when to step in.

On Wednesday, multiple TikTok and social media accounts shared video footage of Princess Mae’s now-ex boyfriend Chris, more commonly known as Mister Wontons, physically assaulting her during an altercation.

But before I continue on, I just wanted to issue a trigger warning as the video footage does contain forms of physical abuse, so please only continue watching if you feel comfortable doing so. The footage in question went viral as Chris appears to be sitting on the couch on his phone just as Mae comes up and lifts a blanket, possibly searching for something.

Chris instantly shoves Mae back against the window and, in a longer clip, can be heard saying, “I’m about to explode on your ass, don’t f**king touch me. You’re not getting your f**king keys until I get the f**k out.”

Chris had since left a fiery comment in response to the viral video clip, alleging that Mae had also abused him, saying, “Let’s see the full video so we can show them exactly what she was doing to me before I pushed her back. Bags were packed, minding my own business while being attacked from her and a group of friends leading up to that push.”

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While some fans wondered what she was doing to prompt Chris to react that way, others explained that there is simply no justification for putting his hands on a woman. This user wrote, “Doesn’t matter what she was doing beforehand .. she went to go get something on the couch and the push was uncalled for. That sh*t hurt to watch.”

This is especially jarring considering that Princess Mae and Chris share one-year-old son Ezekiel together. Chris has previously been caught cheating on Mae, as previously documented.

Thousands of fans have come to Mae’s defense, warning her of these patterns of abuse and urging her to leave Chris immediately. One of Mae’s friends also shared private DMs between her and Chris’ mother after his mother posted a message about Mae to her Instagram.

Mae’s friend tagged her in another photo containing what appears to be blood on the countertop, asking, “Me trying to decide if I should really share the truth with y’all because this is getting out of hand.” Things have undoubtedly gotten so out of hand, which is why fans are now turning to Bretman for answers regarding Mae’s current safety and well-being.

Bretman responded to a fan asking if he had heard about the entire situation, to which he replied, “Yes… she asked me not to say anything but I’m helping her with everything.” And when asked why Bretman wasn’t publicly defending his own sister, he responded by asking, “How do you know I’m not doing anything babes? Because I’m not posting about it?”

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Clearly, this situation is much better suited to be handled in a private matter as Mae appears to be doing what is best for her family, so we all must make a conscious decision to respect the family’s space as they navigate this difficult time.

Final thoughts!

For more YouTuber updates, stay here to see what Jeff Wittek had to say about David Dobrik after his near-fatal accident. Then be sure to let us know all your thoughts on Bretman’s response to the viral video right down here in the comments.'
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