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EVIDENCE Taylor Swift dropped her New Album

evidence taylor swift dropped her new album

As if Taylor Swift has not given us enough over this past year, Swifties around the world are buzzing as more and more theories swirl that dropped a new album.  Let’s get into what we know about the rumored Woodvale album.

After Taylor Swift released two surprise albums back to back last year, fans started to wonder if there was a third on the way after Taylor dropped some significant clues.

The rumors started when people noticed the word Woodvale hidden on the Folklore cover art. At the time, Taylor claimed Woodvale was actually a pseudonym for Folklore, and it accidentally ended up on the album art after forgetting to remove the fake name.

“Sometimes I take it too far and I make a mistake.”

Both fans and even Jimmy Kimmel didn’t buy that response, but Taylor stood by it.

“Is that really true? Yes. Yes. This album is like the third season of Lost.”

Now, a few months later, people think there is even more evidence that a Woodvale album could be coming out tonight at midnight. One primary reason being that April 30th is precisely 140 days after the release of Evermore, and Evermore was released 140 days after Folklore.

Taylor Swift TikTok, AKA Swift Tok, cannot get enough of this theory.  “Evermore was released 140 days after Folklore and the date that is 140 days after the Evermore release is April 30th which is a Friday.”

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There’s also the long-standing theory that Folklore and Evermore are part of a trilogy fueled by Taylor’s Folklore and Evermore merch being sold in sets of three. Another popular theory involves the ‘Cowboy Like Me’ lyric video.

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In the video, the time on the clock reads 4:30. And as Swifties know, in Taylor’s world, 4/30 could also read as April 30th, which is tomorrow. In the lyric video, there’s also a set of three books, which some think could be a nod to the trilogy.

And as if that all wasn’t enough, over the past few weeks, Taylor has also been tweeting using 3 emojis at a time, which fans think isn’t a coincidence. They see it as yet another Easter egg pointing towards a trilogy. Have you had enough yet… or can I throw one more piece of expert-level Swiftie math at you?  Ok good.

The release date (4/30/21), aka 4+3+0+2+1, adds up to 10, and this next album would be her 10th, so I don’t know about you, but I feel like something is coming from Ms. Swift!

As people have waited anxiously for April 30th to arrive, eagle-eyed Swifties also noticed that Taylor’s Spotify photo changed. When you search Woodvale on the streaming platform, her name comes up.

Others have continued to dig and pointed to random photos like this one of Taylor with her Folklore and Evermore co-writer Aaron Dessner, writing things like “If folkmore isn’t a trilogy why’d she do this….. Woodvale?” and “Can I also say 2 rings, 3 fingers = 2 out of 3.” And then just yesterday, Taylor Swift’s official fan page Taylor Nation shared this new photo of Taylor and fans absolutely lost it in the comments.

One person wrote, “DONT BE SHY TELL US ABOUT THE NEXT ALBUM BESTIE” Another fan chimed in, saying, “that’s suspicious…that’s weird…” And this person is literally all of us writing “*starts counting the trees in the background*” (laughs)
 Now, if that’s not a mood for today, I don’t know what is.

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Final thoughts!

We will keep you updated if we hear anything else about this potential Woodvale album, but for now, we are just as excited as you all are!

If you want more on Taylor Swift, stick around for more thrilling news.

Also, let us know down in the comments below what you think of all these Woodvale theories, are you sold, or do you think Taylor was telling the truth about it being a Folklore pseudonym?
Guess we’ll find out!

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