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Hailey Bieber CRITIQUED For Ignoring Her Black Fans & Withdrawing Group Chat!

hailey bieber critiqued for ignoring her black fans & withdrawing group chat!

Hailey Bieber is under fire after many fans noticed she allegedly left a group chat dedicated to her Black fan base when one user asked about Justin’s recent dreadlocks. Let’s get into it.

Earlier this week, Hailey Bieber revealed in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar that she would be taking a step back from social media during the weekdays after falling into a “dark hole” due to the constant criticism and comparisons she receives daily.

Ironically enough, just as Hailey revealed that a member of her team takes over her Instagram Monday through Friday, some of her fans were quick to point out that Hailey had reportedly left a group chat she created for her Black fans that were meant to be a safe space for education and discussion. The catalyst? Fans have since accused Hailey of leaving after one user asked her to address her husband.

After fans, Justin Bieber’s recent dreadlock debut called him out for appropriating Black culture– and it wasn’t the first time he’s featured this look. Hailey has previously opened up about her willingness to learn more about the Black Lives Matter movement, which led many fans to furiously accuse her of being hypocritical about wanting to educate herself.

One screenshot from gossip site PopFaction, reveals one user’s DM to Hailey that read, “Today you disappointed your Black fans when you asked them to inform you more about what’s offending and what’s not, and when they did, you completely ignored them.”

After the message was sent, the screenshot reveals that Hailey had left the group at the bottom of the page, around the same time as she posted this message to her stories that read, “Control how you respond to things sent to destroy your peace.”

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This opened a much bigger conversation on Twitter when other fans confirmed that Hailey had, in fact, left the group chat. One person tweeted, “Y’all can sit there and say she doesn’t owe anyone an explanation, yet homegirl was hype AF to create a way for the Black stans to address issues to her and JB.”

Another person felt that Hailey leaving the group chat was a “slap in the face to everyone a part of it.” This is especially infuriating to many, considering Hailey’s refusal to address some past problematic tweets and likes surfaced from years ago.

Fans have consistently urged Hailey to apologize for her past racist remarks, especially after creating a group chat specifically for having these difficult conversations. Earlier this month, Hailey did speak out on the topic of cancel culture with psychiatrist Jessica Clemons but neglected to address her own controversial past.

She claimed not to be the same person she was last year or even five years ago and was primarily curious as to why people seem to hold others to a different time in their lives without “giving them the benefit of the doubt.” Jessica explained that social media had given everyone access, adding, “With that access, people almost want to see people who are successful, or have the appearance of success, fail.”

While that is NOT an excuse to completely disregard one’s problematic past, it seems fans simply want to see Hailey take accountability as her recent actions don’t align with what she’s trying to preach. Neither Hailey nor Justin have yet to comment on their recent controversial behavior and the backlash, but we will be sure to update you should they choose to speak out on this.

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Final thoughts!

For more details on Justin’s controversial new hairstyle, stick around for more updated news. Then be sure to let us know all your thoughts on this situation with Hailey leaving the group chat right down here in the comments.'
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