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Tristan’s Mistress Confirms Cheating Allegations In New Video!

tristan's mistress confirms cheating allegations in new video

“That is true. We did have past relationships.”

Tristan Thompson’s alleged fling is doubling down on her claims about the two of them hooking up and even says he messaged her after she spilled the tea about his infidelity in her recent interview. Let’s get into what she said.

In case you missed it, Tristan Thompson is being accused of cheating on Khloe Kardashian… again. As fans know, over this past year, Khloe and Tristan finally reconciled after multiple cheating scandals, including one that occurred while Khloe was pregnant with their daughter True. Once these two eventually got back together, both fans and Khloe were hoping he would finally treat her right this time around.

They’ve even sparked engagement rumors and have discussed having more kids together. “You know I’ve always wanted like four kids, so I have Prince and True. Two down, two more to go. Ok well we’ll just have to see what happens.” Apparently, around this same time that these conversations were happening, Instagram model Sydney Chase claims she was seeing Tristan.

But long story short, during an appearance on the “No Jumper” podcast, Sydney claimed that she and Tristan hooked up as recently as January, and according to her, he told her he was single.

According to Sydney, once she found out he wasn’t actually single, she ended things with him and “cut him off.” And now, after her interview went completely viral, Sydney is speaking out on the claims she made.

In a new TikTok posted to her page, she started by saying. At the same time, she allegedly told the truth about her and Tristan’s “relations,” she apologized for disclosing personal information about Tristan. “In this interview I was asked a question by my friend Hayden which I answered honestly, however, I did disclose personal information about Tristan which I do apologize for because and that’s not ok and I shouldn’t have done that.”

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But Sydney continued to double down on her claims that she made about her alleged fling with Tristan.  
“However, me answering the question about our past relations, that is true. We did have past relationships and then I found out that he was in a relationship. And I ended things.”

She did clarify the exact timeline, too, because, in the “No Jumper” podcast interview, Sydney said both November and January when she was asked when they first met. “We first met November, November 11th to be exact, and that’s when everything started. And the last time we had contact besides from when he messaged me after finding out about the interview, it was the day after his daughter’s birthday party.”

And in case you were wondering, True’s birthday party was earlier this month! So that would mean Sydney and Tristan had contact as recently as two weeks ago!

It’s important to note that Sydney still hasn’t provided any receipts or photos proving she and Tristan were actually contacted. Also, Tristan and Khloe haven’t addressed this scandal publicly; in fact, they’re just going on posting as usual. So it’s possible that Sydney’s story isn’t the whole story.

Final thoughts!

We’ll keep you updated if we hear anything else about these two or if Khloe or Tristan speak out directly on the matter.

For now, if you want more on Khloe Kardashian, stick around for more thrilling news. Also, let us know down in the comments below what you think of all this. Do you think Sydney is telling the truth, or do you think there’s more to the story?

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