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‘Vampire Diaries’ Paul Wesley Challenged Over Madison Beer Comment!

'vampire diaries' paul wesley challenged over madison beer comment

Vampire Diaries star Paul Wesley clearly hasn’t gotten the memo about Madison Beer and was ridiculed by fans during a Livestream after mistaking her with an actual cold beverage.

Fans of the beloved CW series The Vampire Diaries know very well that Stefan Salvatore is a bourbon aficionado, but we’ve all just come to find out that he’s not quite as knowledgeable when it comes to beer… MADISON Beer that is. This all started when Paul posted an Instagram story to his close friends answering a Q&A, when one of the questions submitted was, “Do you like Madison Beer?”

The two aren’t anywhere near the same age group. We would probably be correct in assuming that Madison isn’t on any of Paul’s most-played musical lists, especially because his response appeared to be as genuine as humanly possible. “Never had that beer, but I… um… I like beer. I like most beer.”

And after continuing on a whole tangent about not drinking as much beer because he’s “trying to cut it out,” Paul was instantly ridiculed by fans after the video was shared to TikTok and received over two million views in 24 hours. Well, guys, we would’ve never called Paul Wesley being mocked over not knowing who Madison Beer is on my 2021 Bingo card, but here we are!

This came as quite a shock to many because the ACTUAL (and undrinkable) Madison Beer has become increasingly popular over the years, garnering over 24 million Instagram followers.

Many users were quick to chime in and couldn’t help but laugh because he was earnest. Then again, this fan admitted that “Whether he’s joking or not, it’s still funny.”

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And while some fans were offended over the fact that he had no idea who Madison is, many were quick to come to his defense, like this user who alluded to their 16-year age gap, writing, “He’s a grown a** man she’s not from his generation. It would be creepy if he knew who she is lmao.”
 But for all of you TVD fanatics, what might possibly be my favorite response after some of Madison’s fans had no idea who Paul was? Another user tweeted, “‘wHo iS hE?’ A king that deserved better, duh. As if you haven’t heard of The Vampire Diaries when everyone’s kink for a while was a vampire draining them.” Yeah… not going to lie… we’ve all been there.

Although Madison has yet to respond to Paul’s comment about her, fans especially continued to troll Paul after asking if he believes in ‘Larry’ AKA the age-old fan-made ship named Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles. “Do you believe in Larry? What in the godd**n h**l are you talking about? I believe in Larry David…”

Final thoughts!

Going back to TVD, while the show might be long over, the brotherly bond is STILL there, so stay here to know Ian Somerhalder gush about his friendship with Paul. Then be sure to let us know all your thoughts on Paul’s comical response to fans asking him about Madison Beer right down here in the comments.'
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