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WOW: Beyonce VIEWED Kelly Rowland Giving Birth to Noah!

wow beyonce viewed kelly rowland giving birth to noah

We knew the ladies of Destiny’s Child were still close, but Kelly Rowland just took that closeness to an entirely new level we didn’t know was possible.  She revealed that Beyonce and Michelle were on a Zoom call with her while giving birth earlier this year. Let’s get into it!

It’s no secret that Kelly Rowland has stayed close with her former Destiny’s Child bandmates. Beyonce and Michelle frequently appear on Kelly’s social media pages. And Kelly is also super close with Beyoncé’s mom Tina Knowles, who she endearingly calls Mama T. And so when Kelly gave birth in January of this year, she said she couldn’t imagine it without her family there.

Last month on the Ellen Show, Kelly explained that it’s always been important for her community to support each other at their births, but due to COVID, they had to get creative this time around.

“The last time when I had Titan my family was there you know and this time they weren’t and everybody was feeling a way about that because you know, we like to be at each other’s births. So yeah, we got a Zoom.”

And now, in a new interview with People TV, Kelly revealed exactly how that worked logistically because a Zoom birth obviously comes with some questions, actually a LOT of questions. “How do you want this you want this over the shoulder? You know I can do whatever you want.”

Like did you get the premium package, so you had more than 40 minutes? And, where/ how the camera was set up? “They were here next to my head on the little table tray and they were able to see Noah come into the world. It was beautiful.” And when Kelly was asked precisely who was in attendance, she revealed that her sisters– AKA Beyoncé and Michelle– were two of the people on that exceptional Zoom call.

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“Well you know, my sisters and my mama T and my husband’s mother.” Anyone cannot imagine having someone watch them give birth, ESPECIALLY on Livestream! But whatever makes you happy!

Additionally, Kelly revealed whether Bey and Michelle have met her son Noah in person yet, and what kind of aunts they are. “Of course, oh they’re awesome awesome awesome, they met him immediately.”

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Kelly added that as soon as she gave birth and came home, her sisters Beyoncé and Michelle were right by her side in person, not just over Zoom. “They made it a point to come over to the house and we just sat and we had dinner together.”  Earlier this year, Kelly also spoke to Entertainment Tonight about the special moment when Beyonce and Michelle met Noah for the first time.

Kelly said, “Being able to share space with Michelle and Bey is truly a gift,” adding that their “bond over the years has really been a gift, because we’ve known each other for so long and the industry doesn’t really make friendships.” Kelly said that she’s “just so grateful for them and they are a highlight of my life. Not professionally, but our friendship and our sisterhood.” And we love their bond so much. Even all these years later, they are still showing up for each other in every way they can, even if that means attending a Zoom birth!

We genuinely love to see it.

Last thoughts!

For more on Kelly Rowland and Destiny’s Child, stick around for more exciting news. Also, let us know down in the comments below what you think about Beyoncé and Michelle watching Kelly’s birth via Zoom. Are that friendship goals or what?!

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