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How Hana Mohan made the most of Y Combinator in a pandemic year

how hana mohan made the most of y combinator in a pandemic year
Credit: Tech Crunch

Hana is the business partner and CEO of MagicBell, another startup she created with Josue Montano that, as of late, graduated from Y Combinator’s Winter 2021 cohort. MagicBell is a full-featured, plug-and-play notifications inbox aimed at developers who want to build one into their own product. However, they don’t want to have to build one themselves from scratch.

Hana’s experience as an entrepreneur spans various companies, including her last one, which she developed to significant achievement as far as annual revenue. She’s also a pleased transgender woman who went through her transition mid-way through her existing history as an organizer and entrepreneur.

Hana revealed the challenges she faced in her transition to an industry where the spotlight is often solely on how hard you’re hustling and what you’re developing next. And about her root story as an organizer coming from an environment where there weren’t many examples with similar life experiences to look for inspiration.

During our chat, Hana also shared loads of insight into YC, what it provides originators, and viewpoint on what it resembled going through the program during a global pandemic in a remote context. Finally, she offers some excellent context on tracking down your first investors and customers as a distributed team.

We cherished talking to Hana, and we trust you adored Hana as well. Certainly leave us a review, let us know what you think, or send us direct feedback either on Twitter or via email. Return tomorrow for one more great conversation with another founder to know all about their own one-of-a-kind startup journey.

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