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Top Trends of 2021 You wouldn’t Expect!!!

top trends of 2021 you wouldn't expect!

Let’s hunt the top trends of 2021

Gen z creative

First off, we have gen z creative though everyone has had to reset their lives to some degree this year; gen z, right on the brink of adulthood, entered this volatility at a pivotal time in their lives.

As a result, they’re rethinking whether the traditional trajectory of adulthood, including post-secondary schooling, a traditional office job, and a life of general upward mobility, is even for them. Instead, they’re seeking ways to build up more creative skills photography creative writing to set themselves up for an adult life of joy and fulfillment.

Modern beekeeping

Next, we get to modern beekeeping; although modern beekeeping may seem hyper-specific, it’s a great example of how this past year has seen the rise of the hobbyist consumers engaging in often bucolic interests to help them unplug and unwind in the face of crisis.

Within this, we have sub-trends of cottage core increased home cooking at home sewing, but beekeeping is an interesting example. It combines this need for relaxation with eco-consciousness as it’s relatively common knowledge that the health of bees is conducive to the health of the environment.

Model-free runway

Next is model-free runway fashion brands are adapting to the inability to use models and whole traditional runway shows in ways that still showcase the artistic core of the industry. There have been many different approaches to these virtual avatars marionette runway shows, all of which are bringing even more creativity and adaptability to an industry already dependent on both.

Hopefully, this signifies a shift in the industry away from exclusivity and trend reliance on word true creativity

E-sports nutrition

Next, we have esports nutrition amid quarantine; we see more and more people gaming; this, combined with the paws in athletic leagues, creates openness to the world of esports.

Esports players are now increasingly seen as professional athletes with sponsorships and products geared toward this set, similar to what we see in the world of athletics. Here we see food products that are specifically targeted toward these communities up.

Dark stores

next, we have dark stores, essentially miniature warehouse adjacent spaces; dark stores have been around for years as spaces whose sole purpose is to pack online orders for pickup or delivery. Now dark stores are becoming much more critical amid quarantine as low-impact alternatives to the traditional brick and mortar store.

One of the most drastic effects due to over consumption of alcohol, says science

Undoubtedly retail is an industry where much change is needed to readjust to this new standard, and dark stores are a small example of that change.

Smart testing

Next, is smart testing borne out of the idea that rapid testing is necessary for specific spaces such as airports or hospitals? Tech brands are integrating this level of convenience and efficiency in day-to-day spaces. These testing kiosks take a vending machine approach to kovic testing that will focus on convenience and accessibility, necessary for the new normal.

Skin hunger

following this, we have skin hunger; the pandemic introduced many large and small scale tensions from the dangers of wealth disparity to the inconvenience of working from home.

One of the most widespread concerns has been the emotional and mental strain of isolation amid social distancing. Many are simply missing human contact actual physical touch. As a result, art clothing home designs are all spaces where products dedicated to mimicking the physical touch can be seen.

Milkman model

Now we get to milkman model brands are launching circular delivery systems that take inspiration from the traditional milkman model to save materials and reduce waste. These deliveries include hygienic products food alcohol consumers have become more informed about the dangers of single-use plastic as it relates to the environment; however, this past year also saw an increase in single-use products as they were viewed as more hygienic this had prompted a renewed zero waste movement in the new normal.

Millennial move

Next, we have millennials move up until this point, and millennials were proven to desire life in a metropolitan city working the sort of cool job that’s fulfilling yet still signals their success to the rest of the world. However, in light of the recent pandemic and political tensions causing them to re-inspect the systems that grant that traditional success, millennials are readjusting their expectations.

This generation is now more eager than expected to migrate away from metropolitan cities and opt for more comfortable adult lives. Some would say more traditional, almost normal adulthood not what we expect from the millennial generation. Of course, this generation may retain its love of freedom and desire to participate in the gig economy.

Puma launches its first smartwatch.

Home professional

Home professionals see a shift in the fashion industry to accommodate working from home regulations. Work leisure is the new athleisure on a greater scale; of course, it signifies a future-facing shift wherein working from home is the rule, not the exception.

Milkman model biodegradable furnishing

Our next trend shows a move away from the single-use movement but with bigger ticket items than what we see in the milkman model biodegradable furnishing. The idea of eco-conscious furniture sets a new precedent for what it means to integrate your principles into your everyday life.

Additionally, this speaks to the desire to integrate elements of nature into interior design. if people are spending more time at home, they might as well make it ultra-relaxed

Isolated senior

Another piece that touches on the redefinition of what it means to age is isolated senior so far, we’ve explored how millennials in gen z are dismantling generational stereotypes, but boomers are doing the same. The aging demographic has increased their social media use in 2020 more than any other generation to cope with social distancing.

So moving forward, we see many services dedicated to connecting boomers with their loved ones or even helping them make new connections.

Post hospitality

Next, we have post hospitality; the hospitality and tourism industry is, of course, one that will need to see lots of change in the new normal.

The idea of travel will undoubtedly look different, and technology will play a big role. We see technology dedicated to increased sanitation and travel experiences enabled virtually or even added engagements to incentivize consumers to take the risk and take that trip.

Robot retail

Continuing with that idea of the role of tech, we have robot retail; the pandemic has accelerated the use of robots in retail already; it has its implications in terms of cost savings in terms of convenience. The use of robots decreases the need for face-to-face interaction.

This will continue into the new normal, focusing on both the health of consumers and the health of employees. The use of robots in the retail space will increase.

Non-binary tech

Next, we have non-binary tech; this trend sees brands ranging from the video game industry to smartphone developers, including non-binary characters. Standards of diversity inclusion have elevated this year, and representation of marginalized groups is simply an expectation.

PCB wakes up when PSL 2020 gets closer

This focus on diversity and inclusion, and equity continues with black-owned support; the resurgence of the black lives matter movement this past year has awakened the consumer desire to lift their principles in every aspect of their lives.

This includes where they spend their money services curating lists of black-owned businesses for consumers to support, enabling them to take their support of marginalized communities beyond that black square on Instagram.

P2P support

p2p support highlights peer-to-peer support groups acting as lifelines for communities in crisis; increasing anxiety caused by disruptions during this time is, of course, hurting the mental health of many individuals.

Brands are addressing this by facilitating peer-to-peer support via technology services, including senior food delivery initiatives, app-based support groups, and crowdsource pandemic tools can be observed.

Distance design

Next up, we have a distance design. This trend sees physical distancing practices encouraged through intelligent design in public settings. Many examples of this were rolled out in 2020, but this will continue into 2021. spaces that force mindfulness effortlessly encourages safety.

Remote Engagements

We get to remote engagements working from home only successfully with the right technology, frequent check-ins, and other granular concerns. How can an employer retain and maybe even improve on corporate culture from home?

We see examples that are not just about the functionality of communicating virtually but that encourages the kind of bonding that often happens when a team is in the office together five days a week. From virtual pizza parties to team-building video games, these not just ensure that the workplace is still efficient but still a fun place to be.

Environmental Community

We get to our final of our top insights; environmental community is all about sustainable community concepts to focus on social and ecological advancement. The complete functionality of a city, its architecture, and planning keep people moving efficiently moving forward; we see social and environmental factors taken into account

We’ll see clean energy community concepts, multi-generational subscription housing, and more thank you for reading our top trends of 2021.'
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