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WhatsApp will send notifications of new rules that must be accepted before 15th May

WhatsApp will send notifications of new rules that must be accepted before 15th May.

WhatsApp lost many users when it released the new terms earlier this year because the public viewed the new rules as an invasion of its privacy. These terms indicate that user data has been transferred to the parent WhatsApp Facebook application, while people have not. As a result, many people left the WhatsApp nest and switched to another social platform called Signal. As a result, Signal’s revenue and downloads have drastically increased.

However, WhatsApp is now clear to users. Your privacy will not be compromised because this application cannot read your messages because they are encrypted from one end to the other. Therefore, this time WhatsApp again sends notifications with new conditions.

WhatsApp announced its new and updated terms in the second half of last year, and users must accept these terms before May 15, 2021. Considering the deadline WhatsApp is now sending its users the full-screen pop-ups that explain if the user agrees to these terms, what has changed in the application, and why users should not be ambiguous when introducing new policies.

Not sure about the privacy of the app, WhatsApp tried to explain to its users that it was not, because the new changes prevented WhatsApp from reading user messages while doing end-to-end encryption. The last but only change to be made is that the Facebook-owned company now makes it easier for users to communicate with the company, ask questions and get quick answers.

Now, the new changes allow Facebook to access its data from private chats and only affect conversations with the company. The company once again made it clear that the future plan is still the user. Privacy, the chat content cannot be read, the company will display a banner on WhatsApp next week to continue.

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It will provide more information about the guidelines, and users can read and ensure that they can accept these terms once they are convinced to maintain privacy.

It is important to know that the new rules must be adopted before May 15th, because users who do not accept the terms will then be prohibited from sending and receiving messages on the most popular chat applications.

WhatsApp will send notifications of new rules that must be accepted before 15th May.

credit: Digital Information World

Last Thought:

At the same time, the company enlightened that it is protecting user privacy and cannot read chat records, and the company will post a banner on WhatsApp next week, which contains more information about the policy for users to read and view. After checking your confidentiality, you can accept these conditions. Importantly, the new rules must be passed before May 15th, because users who do not accept the terms will be blocked from receiving and sending messages on any of the most popular chat apps after that.

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