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Will Smith Vaunts ‘WORST BODY SHAPE’ With New Shirtless Photo

will smith vaunts 'worst body shape' with new shirtless photo

Will Smith just got real with fans about his post-quarantine bod and showed off a photo of what he calls “the worst shape of his life.” Let’s get into what he said and what the response has been to this viral moment.

Will Smith has been a staple in Hollywood for decades now, so we’ve seen him in many different phases of his life. 
We loved him during his Fresh Prince era, we love action star Will Smith, and we love him now! But he just opened up to fans about how he feels this past year has taken a toll on his physique.

Will has been in tip-top shape for movies like Suicide Squad and even had an 8 pack for that role. But over the weekend, Will took to Instagram and shared this photo, writing, “I’m gonna be real wit yall – I’m in the worst shape of my life.”

And immediately after Will posted, his celebrity friends flooded the comments with positivity. Ava DuVernay wrote, “I see no “worst” here.” J Woww chimed in, saying, “Same. live your best life.” Quest Love added that “This is the most amazing post in the history of social media.”

And fans also wrote things like “Thank you!!! Aren’t we all after this pandemic.” And “Man! You have been in shape your whole life. Enjoy the dad bod with pride! Let’s end… the carbs discrimination.”
 And to this I say….  “I like it a lot!” Will looks great no matter what, but we do appreciate his honesty and vulnerability with fans. The photo quickly got almost 5 million likes in 12 hours, and the positive comments just keep rolling in.

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But this isn’t the first time he’s joked about getting out of shape during quarantine. Back in August, he shared this video “working out” alongside Jason Derulo. “Whoa, yo man! Watch what you doin man! I’m an action hero!” And honestly, this is all so relatable after this past year, so thank you, Will! If you need a little pick me up to start off this week, consider this the sign you needed to love yourself exactly as you are.

Last thoughts!

It’s been a really tough year! We’ve gotta give ourselves some grace and learn to laugh at the situation like Will Smith! If you want more on Will, stick around for more thrilling news.

Also, let us know down in the comments below what you think of Will’s latest post-quarantine bod photo. It definitely feels good to see celebrities struggling with the same things we are COPING WITH.

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