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Are Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello MARRIED?

shawn mendes & camila cabello married..
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A famous Latin singer just called Shawn Mendes ‘Camila Cabello’s husband,’ and Camila did NOT correct him; in fact, she even re-posted the video on her socials — let’s get into it.

On Sunday, the guys from the Cuban duo Gente de Zona returned to the stage for the first time after more than a year of lockdown, and boy did they do it big. The duo performed on the second night of the Thriller Fest concert in Miami, headlined by Lil Wayne, and featured other artists such as SixNine, 2 Chainz, Tyga, and Kidd Lee.

The Latin sensations even got to perform one of their songs with none other than Marc Anthony, who made a quick stop at the event, and they were ecstatic to see Camila and Shawn in the crowd. Alexander Delgado went on to share his sweet reunion with Camila in his dressing room, and we even got to hear Shawn speak a little Spanish.

Take a look: “Hi, how are you?  Oh, my God! I’m so happy to be here. And the crowd outside is–  When they told me you were coming I was so happy, for real! Oh, my God, he’s been listening to your songs in Spanish” Gente de Zona’s other member, Randy Malcom, also shared in the excitement of this surprising

encounter posting individual pictures with Camila and Shawn, and he captioned Shawn’s pic with the following message: “What an incredible surprise. Thank you for your presence Shawn Mendes, we had an amazing time. Miami just confirmed it.” Randy even added a Canadian flag to his post to show Shawn even more love.

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And moments later, Alexander posted an Instagram story thanking everyone who came to their show but pay close attention to how he refers to Shawn: “Thanks to everyone who showed up… Thank you Camila Cabello and her husband who also came.”

That’s right; he called Shawn “Camila Cabello’s husband” as if it was common knowledge! And Camila didn’t bother correcting him at all. She re-posted the story on her own Instagram and only added: “I love you, brother.”

Hmm, could it be that the guys from Gente de Zona casually know something about Shawmila that the rest of us don’t…? As you may recall, Camila spent the holidays with Shawn’s family last December in Canada, sparking rumors of a possible engagement party in front of all of their loved ones.

And it just so happens that in an interview with Entertainment Tonight a few days before Christmas, Shawn revealed that he and Camila had been talking about marriage. Shawn explained how important it is for him to have that topic on the table; otherwise, he feels like he’d just check out of the relationship.

He also reminded us all that Camila has been one of his best friends since he was 15 years old and that when you know you’ve found the one, well, you just feel it. But then again, in that same interview, Shawn also said that he’s in no rush to get married.

Check it out: “I dunno, at the same time I know we’re really young so I don’t wanna jump insanely fast but, I think when you’ve found your person you feel and you know that you’ve found your person.” Well, then which one is it, Shawn?!

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Anyhoo, so for now, only time will tell if they are already Mr. Shawn Cabello and Mrs. Camila Mendes. We agree, there is no rush to get married, but if they are, we will be waiting to celebrate with them when they’re ready to share it!

And while we wait to find out, stick around to check out Billie Eilish’s tattoos that she originally didn’t want any of her fans to see. And let us know down in the comments if you believe Camila and Shawn already got married or are engaged – or neither in the comment section below.'
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