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VIRAL Vax Photo of Prince William’s Bicep Leaves Fans THIRSTY!

viral vax photo of prince william's bicep leaves fans thirsty!

Prince William was just out there doin’ his civic duty and getting his COVID-19 vaccination, but the viral proof of his vax in action caused fans to wonder WHY he had to go and LITERALLY ‘flex’ all hard on us. Let’s get into it.

Happy Friday to Prince William and Prince William’s bicep ONLY, as he basically just came out guns blazing with new photo evidence that he had just received the first dose of his COVID-19 vaccination, as well as his hard-earned time in the gym.

On Thursday, William shared this photo of himself in mid-vax-action to the Duke and Duchess’s official Instagram page, or as they call it in the U.K. getting ‘the jab,’ and took a second out of his busy schedule to praise key workers.

He captioned the photo, “On Tuesday I received my first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. To all those working on the vaccine rollout – thank you for everything you’ve done and continue to do.” But all while William thanked healthcare workers for their continued efforts, fans couldn’t help but thank William for free tickets to the gun show.

Not long after staring at the pic, the comments section of William’s photo was swarming with thirsty comments from fans who were SHOCKED to discover what he’d been hiding under his shirt sleeves all this time.

He instantly started trending on social media as comments about his chiseled bicep came flooding in, ranging from fans who couldn’t help but say things like, “Wasn’t expecting a gun show this early, but happy I got an invite,” and, “Why did you have to flex like that, Wills?!”

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Others pointed out how lucky Kate Middleton is, like this person who said, “No wonder the Duchess of Cambridge always looks so happy,” and another that read, “Kate, come get your man… the girls are thirsty!” However, the burning question remained as others simply wondered how on earth William even managed to roll up his sleeve.

viral vax photo of prince william's bicep leaves fans thirsty


As many dubbed the photo, the royal’ thirst trap eventually made its way over to Twitter, where people were then rating William’s muscular complexion, and some even saluted William’s father, Prince Charles, for a job well done.

Like another user, who tweeted, “Dear Prince Charles may I congratulate you on a very very handsome son Prince William’s buff (very buff) biceps have made a lot of women happy.. we give him the royal gun salute! He needs another jab in the other arm.”

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Some, however, weren’t all that convinced that William’s arm was anything to write home about, as this person said, “I like Prince William, but if you call that a muscly bicep, maybe you need to get out more.” Whatever your thoughts on Prince William’s physique may be, one thing is for sure: he definitely knows how to get the word out about the importance of being vaccinated…

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