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Android 12 is being less restrictive towards 3rd party app stores

Android 12 is being less restrictive towards 3rd party app stores

At least compared with the products provided by Apple, Google has reduced the rigid platform of Android a lot, which allows other companies to create their own application stores for users to use. Companies like Epic Games take full advantage of this advantage, but there is a small obstacle that prevents users from using these alternative services more or less meaningfully. This barrier means that your operating system will handle all applications.

Run as a sideload app from the alternate store, which will actually force you to deal with pop-up windows before you can start downloading the app in question. It seems that Google has made this problem less serious in the new Android 12, although the App Store must meet four basic security requirements so that users do not have to deal with security pop-ups that would otherwise lose little money.

The first requirement is that the App Store must be labeled in a formal way, formal or formal format, and the second requirement is to optimize the application format for Android 10 or higher operating systems. The app must also be pre-installed from the App Store at some point. The final requirement is to allow users to use a variety of applications at any time, which is undoubtedly the result of various antitrust laws. Google faces legal disputes, which are not particularly effective for the company, and may affect decision-making in the next few years.

Android 12 is being less restrictive towards 3rd party app stores

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Companies such as Epic Games have made the most of this, but there has been a bit of a hindrance that has prevented users from being able to utilize these alternative stores in a more or less reasonable manner. It seems like Google is going to make this far less of an issue in the new Android 12 update, although there will be four basic security requirements that an app store would need to meet in order for users to not have to deal with the security pop up that would otherwise have made them waste quite a bit of time. The first requirement is that the app store should be flagged in some official way, shape, or form, with the second requirement being that the formatting of the app should be optimized for Android 10 or a more advanced version of the operating system.

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