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b.t.s.'s rm leaks on justin bieber collaboration rumors


B.T.S.’s RM LEAKS On Justin Bieber Collaboration Rumors!

Rumors of a possible collaboration between B.T.S. and Justin Bieber have been swirling for a while now, and B.T.S.’ R.M. just revealed how the boys feel about a J.B. collab in the purest way & fans are living for it – let’s get into it!

In a recent interview on the Zach Sang Show, B.T.S. chatted about everything “Butter,” and addressed the rumors surrounding a Justin Bieber collab. When asked about the songs they can’t stop listening to, R.M. said, “definitely maybe ‘Peaches’.”

This led the conversation towards the topic of Justin, and Zach asked, “We’ve talked so many times over the years and I’ve never asked once about collaborations, but there was rumor that there may be a Justin Bieber collab. Is that a dream? Do we manifest this?” “Um it’s not a dream. Uh we’re in the same company. We’re company friends. So it’s not a dream, but uh it hasn’t happened yet. So if you see this video friend, call us or come to Korea.”

And many fans couldn’t help but wonder if R.M. was poking a little bit of fun with his response, with one person commenting, “HE SAID FACTS!!!! call U.S. if you WANT to collab, we WONT call you 😂😂 i love him.”

b.t.s.'s rm leaks on justin bieber collaboration rumors!


And another wrote, “I’m SCREAMMING!!!!!!he said it’s not a dream for H.I.M. because it’l  be a DREAM for Bieber 💀”Regardless, it seems like the boys of B.T.S. would love to collaborate with Justin if Justin wanted to as well.

The collaboration rumors started taking off when B.T.S.’s record label Hybe bought Scooter Braun’s Ithaca Holdings for a reported 1 billion dollars back in April of this year.  Scooter manages Justin along with other huge stars like Ariana Grande and Demi Lovato.

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At the time, a source told Page Six a collaboration between B.T.S. and Justin was definitely happening. They said, “They are taking their time on it and going to make sure it is released right.” The source went on to say the song “could be part of a deluxe release of ‘Justice’ to keep the album on the charts.”

The record label also posted a YouTube video in April about the merger, and the boys of B.T.S. said they want to “grow and share positive influence with all the artists” Scooter manages. And while R.M. asked Justin to call them, Justin has also been open about his love for B.T.S. in the past.

He did the voiceover for an E! News segment in 2020 and gushed over the group. “If anyone knows how to make history, it’s B.T.S. The K-pop group has been shattering records across the global music industry and 2020 is shaping up to be a huge year.”

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And while sure, B.T.S. and Justin Bieber both have extremely impressive careers on their own and don’t NEED to collaborate, not gonna lie, we think this would be a pretty epic collab if it happened. And the merger between Scooter’s company and B.T.S.’s record label opens the door for even more collaborations.

Like B.T.S. and Ariana? Yes, please! But until then, we’ll just be playing “Butter” on repeat all summer long! “So we got our slogan ‘butter for summer’ so instead of ice cream, uh I don’t know some iced thing, watermelon, no, no, now it’s time for butter.”

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Butter for summer! We are here for it! For more B.T.S. news, stick around for more thrilling news. Then be sure to let us know if you want to see this B.T.S. & Justin collab in the comment section below.'
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