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How Little Mix Discovered Their Pregnancies, REVEALED!

In a new interview, the ladies of Little Mix revealed how they found out Perrie and Leigh-Anne were both pregnant, and Jade explained the lengths she would go to cover up their pregnancies. Let’s get into it!

As fans know by now, both Perrie Edwards and Leigh Anne Pinnock of Little Mix expect their first babies!

It’s an exciting time for Little Mix fans, but nothing compares to the excitement Perrie and Leigh Anne had when they both found out they were pregnant at the same time. In a new TikTok interview to celebrate the release of their new song ‘Heartbreak Anthem,’

Perrie shared the story of how they found out both she and Leigh Anne, AND their manager Samantha Cox were all pregnant at the same time. Perrie explained that she was very early on in her pregnancy, but they were on a Zoom call discussing all the busy dates they had booked for nearly two years ahead.

So in a moment of panic, she messaged their manager Sam on the side, and Sam called her immediately. “I was like Sam I need to talk to you ASAP and she just called me straight away and was like ‘you’re pregnant.’ I was like how’d you know that? And she was like cuz I am too. And I was like what?!”

And Sam asked if she could add someone else to the call, and while Perrie was hesitant being so early into her pregnancy, she trusted Sam. “And then she was like, please can I add somebody to the call, i’m really nervous it’s very early. I don’t want to tell anybody she’s like do you trust me? I was like of course with my life go on then add someone.” Perrie quickly learned that it was Leigh Anne being added to the call and the three of them shared an emotional moment finding out they were all pregnant at the same time.

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“So she added someone to the call and then I just hear this voice come out and she goes Perrie you too? And then we just cried our eyes out like we couldn’t believe it. What is the timing?!” And before you ask, Perrie clarified that this was not planned, just an extremely beautiful coincidence.

Perrie and Leigh Anne also discussed how supportive Jade was and how she started crying with happiness as soon as she found out. Jade also took one for the team and faked injuries to help Perrie and Leigh Anne cover up their pregnancies before they were ready to share the news with the world.

Perrie even said that they were on set of the Confetti music video, and she and Leigh Anne were out of breath and in pain because they were experiencing pregnancy symptoms, so naturally, Jade pretended she was in pain too, so no one on set would get suspicious.

“We didn’t want anyone in the room to know, so Jade was going oh, Leigh Anne was going oh my back hurts, so Jade was like oh I know me back I know my back’s gone. Any excuse for me to sit out for five minutes! I was just like, ‘Yeah, me too!’” I mean, that’s some true friendship and sisterhood if I’ve ever heard it!

Just when we thought we couldn’t possibly love Little Mix more, they always manage to one-up themselves. We can’t wait for Perrie and Leigh Anne to be moms, and Jade has already coined herself the “cool aunt.”

If you want more on Little Mix, you can stick around for more thrilling news. Then hop to the comments and let me know what you think of Jade covering for Leigh Anne and Perrie. Are you as obsessed with their friendship as I am?

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