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Latest Details about David Dobrik’s YouTube Comeback?!

David Dobrik is reportedly plotting his return to YouTube after his recent downfall, and it might be very soon, according to a Vlog Squad member — Let’s get into it.

Just two months after David’s fall from grace and release of an apology video on his main YouTube channel, according to popular Instagram gossip page Deux Moi, David is already setting the wheels in motion for his comeback. An insider for Deux Moi claims that David has his eyes set on a comeback to YouTube in early 2022.

The source says that David’s planning on surprising the remaining members of his Vlog Squad with a Hawaii vacation getaway will be filmed to create content for their YouTube channels.

david dobrik vlog squad


According to Deux Moi, David will hold on to this new footage and will begin posting videos on YouTube early next year. And other reports suggest David could be making his return to YouTube as early as next month. During a recent live stream, Vlog Squad member Corinna Kopf announced that she might appear on an episode of David’s podcast called VIEWS shortly.

Take a look: “I might do David’s podcast… maybe. Well, that’s exciting… when?  In June maybe… we’ll see. If I do a podcast it’ll be David’s so we’ll see…” And this actually isn’t the first time that Corinna hints at David making a potential comeback to Youtube.

Back in early April, during a street interview with The Hollywood Fix on Melrose, when asked if Corinna believes David will be “going back to normal,” she said: “I’m sure, I mean he hasn’t posted anything anyway in like 10 months or 11 or a year, I don’t even know. It’s been a while.” And when asked if she’ll be doing any future vlogs with David, Corinna replied: “I’m sure… If they’re back — I’m sure.”

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Corinna also shared that David was doing “good” during this chat with The Hollywood Fix when asked how he was doing, which was shortly after David’s apology video regarding ongoing allegations of sexual misconduct. As you guys know, after David’s March 22 apology video, he has been staying off of all social media platforms.

david dobrik


As you would also be aware, David is facing some serious accusations that range from allegedly enabling and filming what led to the sexual assault of a young woman by former Vlog Squad member Durte Dom. In 2018, tricking Vlog Squad member Seth Francois into unknowingly kissing Jason Nash and filming it, as well as seriously putting Jeff Wittek’s life in danger while swinging him around while operating an excavator, resulting in serious lasting mental and physical injuries, among many other things.

Since the backlash against David picked up momentum in March of this year, several of his sponsors have dropped him, including Facebook, EA Sports, HBO Max, Chipotle, General Mills, DoorDash, SeatGeek, to name a few.

YouTube also temporarily demonetized all of David’s channels after Durte Dom’s allegations of rape surfaced, and Dom’s channels were also temporarily demonetized. This is still a developing story, and we’ll be sure to keep you up to date with any new details that come to light…

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For more information on some of the accusations that have been brought against David, stay over here. And let us know your thoughts on the claims of David planning to make his return to Youtube in the comment section below.

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