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north west criticizes kim for being a fake olivia rodrigo fan


North West Criticizes Kim For Being a FAKE Olivia Rodrigo Fan!

North West just went full savage mode on Kim Kardashian and called her out for apparently pretending to be a major Olivia Rodrigo fan. This might just be our favorite interaction between these two yet. Let’s get into it.

Leave it to North West to never cease to spill the tea when it comes to her own mother, Kim Kardashian, and let’s just say she FULLY delivered.

Just like the rest of us, Kim was quick to jump on the Olivia Rodrigo train, so much so that not long after filing for divorce from Kanye West, she actually filmed a video while driving in the car as Olivia’s hit “drivers license” was playing, complete with heart and knife emojis. Evidently, the pain was cutting deep, and we don’t blame her… but according to North West, “drivers license” wasn’t heard much at all following the emotional car ride.

On Tuesday, Kim took to her Instagram stories to share a video of a press kit sent by Olivia, complete with all things “Sour,” including Sour Patch Kids, a journal, and even tissues for all the times they’re needed after playing “traitor” on repeat.

Side note, where does one sign up (or beg) for one of these Sour press kits? Not asking for a friend, asking for myself, obviously. I digress… Back to Kim’s Instagram stories. As Kim showed off the Sour press goodies, she began gushing over the press kit, saying, “How cute is Olivia Rodrigo, you guys? I can’t wait for her album. You guys know I love ‘Drivers License.’”

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And in the background, North West, who clearly wasn’t having her mother’s minor white lie, according to her, interrupted her video with an important PSA:

“A box of tissues…” “You never listen to it.” “Yes I do! I listen to it all the time. Stop, North.” Kim then tried to do more damage control and recruit her eldest son, Saint, into being an eye-witness, asking him, “Saint, don’t we listen to it in the car all the time, yes?”

north west criticizes kim for being a fake olivia rodrigo fan!


While Saint appeared to have agreed, Kim wanted to make sure it was loud and clear…. “Can you say that louder for the people to hear? Do I listen to it all the time Saint?.. “Yeah”.. See guys.” Despite this interaction, the Internet had clearly already made up their minds about Kim’s level of ‘fangirl,’ some even calling her out for not knowing that the album had already dropped.

One user tweeted, “Not North putting Kim Kardashian on blast for being a fake Olivia Rodrigo fan. Also, Kim saying, ‘Can’t wait for her album’ has me cackling. The album has been out, Kimberly.”
 And this person also joked that North calling Kim out has “…fully made me die with laughter,” adding, “The fact she didn’t even refilm it afterwards as well.” I was thinking the same thing when I saw it!

On top of all this, Olivia even wrote Kim a sweet note that read, “Thank you so much for supporting my music! It means the absolute world. I just adore you & wanted to give you a few goodies to celebrate the release of my new album SOUR. Sending you and ur fam so much love.”

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I think it’s time Kimmy may need to be put to the test of a TRUE fan and recite “drivers license” back to our line by line… that should clear a few things up…  Don’t you think? And a shout out to North for forever gifting us with these iconic moments; North, please never stop!

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And to see why Kim was called out again, but this time by her former maintenance staff, stay here for a full rundown. Then be sure to let me know all your thoughts on North’s response to Kim fangirling over ‘drivers license’ right down here in the comments.'
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