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LG is ready to release Mini LED TVs in the US starting in July

LG’s Mini LED TVs to release in the US starting in July

LG’s latest range of Mini LED TVs, which its branding “QNED,” is launching worldwide next month, the company has announced. The lineup consists of three sets, the 4K QNED90, ranging from 65- to 86-inches, and the 8K QNED99 and QNED95. LG states the TVs will start launching first in North America, with added regions following “in the weeks ahead.”

Mini LED is a comparatively latest display technology that employs an array of thousands of small LEDs as a screen’s backlight. Because there are numerous (up to 30,000 in the case of the 86-inch QNED99), they can produce a sharper contrast between light and dark patches of an image. LG states the technology, previously used on some TVs from TCL and Apple’s newest 12.9-inch iPad Pro, provides a “10 times better contrast ratio” than normal LCD TVs.

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LG is selling Mini LED as a “giant leap forward in LCD TV picture quality.” Still, it’s not quite at the level of an OLED TV, where it’s the specific pixels themselves that are illuminating to produce an image (with Mini LED, the LEDs are still blazing through an LCD layer). Mini LED should not be mixed with Samsung’s outrageously expensive MicroLED technology, which also employs an array of small LEDs but without the necessity for an LCD layer at all.

We’ve reached out to LG to interpret pricing for its full lineup of QNED TVs (LG’s US site still classifies them as “coming soon”) but based on a previous report from FlatPanelsHD. They’re unlikely to come cheap. The 8K QNED99 will reportedly begin at $5,000 for the 75-inch model, increasing to $8,000 for the 86-inch version, while the 4K QNED90 will reportedly cost up to $4,000 for the 86-inch model.

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