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The Best Websites to Watch Cartoons/Anime Online in 2021 – EXCLUSIVE!!!

Best websites to watch cartoons online 2021

Cartoons could be a term usually used for ludicrous animated options that are primarily aimed toward youngsters. However, the animation world has evolved significantly over time, and today, many animated shows or “cartoons” feature mature and adult (not essentially pornographic) content.

Thus animated shows/cartoons have one thing for everybody. And except for all of that, that adult doesn’t prefer to watch a half-hour of Tom running into traps set by Jerry? If you’re somebody who loves cartoons and is trying to find ways to watch cartoons online, this post has everything for you. We’ve enclosed websites that stream cartoons, a lot of mature cartoons, and even Japanese anime. Let’s start.

Watch Cartoons online on these Websites:

Watch Cartoon Online

Starting the list to find the best websites to watch cartoons online is named Watch Cartoon online. It’s one of the highest sites for looking at anime and cartoons for free of charge. This website is well structured, and also the menu is well-organized. There’s a good list of cartoon shows. A number of the foremost well-liked ones Shark Tale, Atomic Betty, The Super Hero Squad Show, Super Friends, and then the list goes on.

GO GO Anime

The next option is GOGOAnime, another exceptional website for looking at anime while not outlaying any cash. The website design is attractive and really easy to use.

On the main page, you can explore anime series recently released because of the well-liked updates. Try to look at them if you would like to! Would you prefer to search out a cartoon you’re interested in? Explore the “anime list”: all the cartoons are listed there in alphabetic order. You’ll be able to use the search bar conjointly simply.

Anime Flavor

Next on our list of amazing websites to watch cartoons online is Anime Flavor. It’s the simplest website to enjoy anime online without paying. All the cartoons are organized on the homepage in alphabetical order. You only have to be compelled to faucet on the name of the anime you would like to enjoy. In addition, you may get to check some data concerning the anime and its outline.

On the top, you may find the trendier episodes. If you’re fascinated by one in all of them, you’ll be able to faucet on its cover to enjoy it. Anime Flavor conjointly encompasses a search bar.


Best websites to watch cartoons online 2021

Next on our list of the best-ever websites to watch cartoons online is YouTube. YouTube is considered the absolute leader when it comes to watching cartoons online. Millions of users enjoy watching their favorite stuff on youtube daily. Youtube’s library has thousands of cartoons that meet your necessities.

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You can watch either a separate cartoon or the total series. simply search any cartoon name within the search bar, and the search results will appear; on that, you must click on the top relevant cartoon to watch. Once you start watching your favorite cartoons, you’ll be able to find similar cartoons or cartoons with the same name.


The world’s preferred streaming website encompasses a massive collection of animated shows and cartoons to enjoy. However, Netflix isn’t free, and once the free trial period ends, you need to purchase a subscription plan to continue.


Another great option of best websites to watch cartoons online is ToonJet which allows its users to watch their favorite cartoon videos online for free. There you’ll be able to watch classic cartoon series like Betty Boop, Popeye, loony Tunes without registration.

If you would like to own different choices, you must sign up. After signing up, it sets your own profile page to leave comments and rate the cartoons. You’ll be able to add cartoons to your favorites conjointly.


The next cartoon alternative is Cartoonito, the best website for kids. It provides fun, amusive, and light academic videos appropriate even for pre-school kids.

You can select any academic cartoon, and you may see all the episodes of the show. Click on any episode you prefer to play it. On Cartoonito, you may notice loads of different types of entertainment: games, songs, activities.

Disney Junior

Disney Junior is another amazing website to watch cartoons online. You’ll be able to watch all the Disney cartoons online here without spending a penny.

The interface is incredibly easy for newcomers. Would Every kid prefer to watch cartoons with a Disney character like Donald Duck or Mickey Mouse? There are little photos of cartoon characters on the homepage, so simply click on the one you prefer to watch, and you may see the series upon a specific character. It’s very easy to search for a fascinating movie!

Best websites to watch cartoons online 2021


What’s a lot of, there are some different amazing things to explore like games, music bar, a capability to download cartoon apps, and more.

Anime Toon

One of the best websites to watch cartoons online in 2021 is Anime Toon. It’s a really good option for watching anime online while not paying a penny.

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It has a good range of Anime series in its library. You’ll be able to watch dubbed anime online here. Also, you can search anime by its genre as all the cartoons are organized in groups: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Food, Horror, and much more.

Anime Planet

Anime Planet is another great option to consider. There is an enormous collection of anime in their lists; you can also search by characters, manga recommendations can be a unique feature.

Anime Planet’s interface is superb. You’ll be able to watch the series you prefer directly or sign on and build lists of series you’d wish to watch later on.


Another best website to watch cartoons online is Fox. You’ll be able to watch several of Fox’s best-animated shows like Family Guy, The Simpsons, Bob’s Burgers, and others.

Kiss Cartoon/Kiss Anime

Kiss Cartoon includes a cartoon list additionally comprises an anime list. If you open ‘Anime list,’ you may be taken to a different website connected to the original website.

These two websites simultaneously allow visitors to search by status or genre (Adventure, Biography, Crime, Cars, History, Musical, Ski-Fi, etc.). Select your favorite cartoons with your preferences.

You can register on Kiss Cartoon/Anime. The members can bookmark cartoons, and they’ll be notified concerning new episodes. There’ll even be default HD, an option to disable auto-play and use other options.


Nick is considered one of the most popular cartoon-watching websites. It’s the favorite website of thousands of cartoon fans. The interface is fascinating and fun. Simply visit the website and take a look at it out.


The website of SuperCartoons is really easy, where you can find thousands of classic cartoons for free of charge.

Best websites to watch cartoons online 2021


Using SuperCartoon, you’ll be able to watch recent animated Disney additionally as loony Tunes and lots of different cartoons. The menu helps to find a cartoon, or you can find it by the name of its characters.

Side Reel

Side Reel’s vast library has many most streamed shows, like Family Guy, South Park, The Simpsons, and more. You may see Cartoons Premieres and Finales on their released dates. This way, it keeps you updated. Sign up to side Reel, track your favorite cartoons; also review and rate cartoon series, and look for what the site’s knowledgeable community members say concerning them.

You can conjointly discover new cartoons. It offers recommendations based on your previous searches and ratings – these recommendations are specifically developed for you.

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Disney Video

Another great option for watching cartoons online is Disney Video. This website could be a gift for those who like classic animated shows and flicks. You can find such exciting shows as Finding Dory, Frozen, Zootropolis, The Lion Guard, and many others. They provide valuable cartoon recommendations. The visitors can also play interesting games.

Cartoon Network

One of the top websites to watch cartoons online is Cartoon Network. This was maybe everyone’s favorite website, whereas growing up and currently, you’ll be able to access it online. This website brings you the most likable cartoons, with full-duration episodes, animated shorts, and many more.

Watch Anime Dub

Watch Anime Dub allows you to find the lists of subbed and dubbed (the nice anime watcher dilemma) anime as cartoons’ list. All the lists are organized in alphabetic order. Thus it’s very simple to search out a cartoon by its name. Use a search bar to enjoy what you would like.

Cartoon Park

Cartoon Park is an ideal website for fans of classic anime. This website permits you to watch free cartoons with English subtitles. You’ll be able to activate the subtitles for all the cartoons shown on this website.

The best part is that you simply enjoy your favorite cartoons for free online in high quality. You’ll be able to watch them or download them without buying any subscription plan.

Best websites to watch cartoons online 2021


The interface is organized and simple to understand. On the homepage, you’ll be able to select the trendier cartoons or anime. You’ll be able to conjointly select cartoons from the lists organized in alphabetical order or by genres.


AllMyAnime encompasses a wide-ranging library of anime shows and cartoons that are organized alphabetically. All anime shows on this website have English subtitles. However, you won’t notice dubbed versions here.


Concluding our list of the best websites to watch cartoons online is Boomerang. This website’s enormous library has different genre cartoons, videos, and free games. You can also find some classics like the Flintstones, Garfield, Tom & Hun, Pink Panther, and many more.

So, that was our preferred list of best websites to watch cartoons online. It all depends on what you would like to watch, check some specific websites, or explore all of them. Let us know if you came across some new websites that you like us to add to our list.

Enjoy watching cartoons online!!!

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