3 working tools to grow youtube channel

3 Working Tools To Grow YouTube Channel

Youtube is the second most popular resource this year and has actually become the main video hosting service, which is available in more than 100 countries. According to the data for the last year, about 2 billion people visit the site every month. And this fact, of course, especially attracts marketers, entrepreneurs and bloggers. Becoming a popular creator is the dream of every user who started his journey in video blogging. But in order to carry out your plans, you need to know what actions you need to perform.

To design a channel, create a content plan, upgrade equipment, buy YouTube subscribers and choose an application for video processing – these are the basic actions that you must perform before moving on to a promotion strategy. In this article we will tell you about 3 cool tools that will help you become more popular on the site and will help in the qualitative promotion of your account. Let’s get started!

Keyword optimization

You already know how to create videos, mount them and build sound. But how do you get more views and become visible to the network? Keywords that need to be used correctly will help you with this. When you have chosen a niche and a topic, it is worth studying competitors’ content and seeing what words they use to attract viewers. The first thing people pay attention to when scrolling through the recommended range is the name of the video. The correct title will determine whether a person clicks on the video’s cover. 

Your goal is to interest the user with an interesting and unusual name. It should correspond to the key query, be attractive, and contain a brief video description. Make the title clear and specific, and do not abuse clickbait because if viewers do not see the promised content, they are unlikely to want to watch your other clips. The same manipulations must be carried out with the description. The limit on the number of words is 1000 characters, but you need to fit the keywords in the first 100-200 because they will be visible to users when viewing. Learn how SEO optimization works and implement this tool into your strategy.

Create a subscriber base

Some newcomers forget about this important tool and may lose new viewers. The number of followers is an indicator of success, user trust, and popularity. The majority of people who visit the authors’ channels pay attention to their number. The higher this number, the higher the probability that the user will click on the “subscribe” button. Therefore, it is advisable to take care of this at the beginning of your journey and buy real YouTube subscribers

This will help you further promote the page and look attractive and presentable. Among other things, this will give you an advantage over other authors who have recently created a page in hosting. It is very difficult to reach a large audience using organic methods, so many newcomers experience problems at the initial stage. You can avoid this and quickly increase the activity on your account by using a paid service.

Trends. As in any other social network, YouTube has its own trends that creators must adhere to in order to be on the same wavelength as viewers and create relevant content. If you do not study which videos are at the top of your topic and collect a lot of views, you may lose some of the potential viewers. Keep track of which trends are at the peak of popularity and use them in your promotion strategy to increase the number of subs.

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