5 Reasons to Use Turmeric on a Regular Basis

Are you not using turmeric powder on a regular basis? If not, it is not the best habit because you are not adding a healthy thing to your diet. It will become really easy for you to maintain good health if you add turmeric to your diet.

Turmeric, in original, is a root that comes from the root of the longa plant. People, the farmers, take out the root and dry it in the light of the sun for several days. Some farmers wash the root before drying and some wash it after drying. The active ingredient in it is curcumin. The presence of this active ingredient gives it a yellowish colour.

According to a dietician from the Doctors Hospital in Lahore, many health benefits lie in turmeric due to its major active ingredient, curcumin. This active ingredient possesses anti-inflammatory properties that contribute to health in a number of ways. These properties will help to lower inflammation in several diseases from arthritis to ulcerative colitis.

Reasons to Use Turmeric

Here are some benefits, you can also call them reasons, that will change your mind to use turmeric if you are not using it:

1- Anti-Inflammatory Compounds

Inflammation, in moderation, in the body is really important because it helps the body to fight bacteria and other viruses that attack the body in a brutal way; it also contributes to repairing the damage.

However, if there is inflammation that stays for a short period then it is beneficial. But if it becomes chronic or severe, it will cause many mild to moderate health issues. In addition, medical researchers believe that if inflammation is chronic and at low levels, it will play a role in some health problems such as metabolic syndrome, heart disease, and several other degenerative conditions.

Therefore, anything that can fight chronic or severe inflammation is totally beneficial for human health. In this regard, turmeric can be an effective herb in fighting inflammation because it contains a major bioactive compound, curcumin, that helps in reducing inflammation.

However, to fight inflammation, you need to consume curcumin in high compounds. It is difficult to consume curcumin in high amounts from turmeric. To get it in high amounts, you can use turmeric supplements if your general physician finds it fine.

2- An Improvement in the Memory

A study found that people who consumed curcumin in the amount of ninety milligrams two times a day experienced a significant improvement in their memory. However, these people were not experiencing symptoms associated with dementia.

When there is a decline in neurocognition, there is an increase in the inability of thinking and reason. The major culprit behind the decline in neurocognition is inflammation in the brain. When you consume curcumin from turmeric it helps in reducing the severity of inflammation in the brain as well as overall in the body. 

In addition, the regular consumption of turmeric can also reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease by leaving many positive benefits to the body. However, researchers believe that there is more need to conduct studies in this regard.

3- Improves Antioxidant Capacity

When a person experiences oxidative stress or damages the chances of several health problems along with ageing tend to increase significantly. High activity of free radicals and other harmful substances can contribute to oxidative stress.

When you take antioxidants, whether, from natural sources or supplements, it plays a role in protecting the body from free radicals. The major active ingredient of turmeric neutralizes the effects of free radicals because of its chemical structure.

Additionally, some animal studies indicated that curcumin can be effective in blocking the action of free radicals. It can also be effective in increasing the positive effects of other antioxidants. However, there is more need to conduct studies about the actions of curcumin in this regard.

4- Reduce Heart Disease Risks

Turmeric can reduce the chances of heart disorders because it effectively reduces inflammation and oxidation. Studies also show that turmeric can reverse the process of heart diseases. a study found that people who consumed turmeric supplements for twelve weeks experienced a reduction in a substance that contribute to heart diseases.

Another study, that involved one hundred and twenty people, found that people who had undergone bypass surgery experienced a decreased risk of heart attack by 65%. They experienced decreased heart attack risks because they consumed four grams of curcumin every day.

5- May Also Prevent Cancer

Uncontrolled growth of unhealthy cells in the body can lead to cancer. However, the regular consumption f curcumin supplements can affect the growth of these cells. It is among the best herbs that can prevent and treat cancer.

There is also data available that indicates that turmeric can also prevent the most dangerous types of death that usually lead to death.

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