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Top 10 Best 660cc Cars in Pakistan 2022 Specs And Features

660cc cars in pakistan

660cc cars in Pakistan because 660cc cars are quite popular for being fuel efficient, cheaper in price and easy to drive in dense traffic situations. These small-sized cars have low-cost maintenance and no issues of spare parts availability which is why they are often considered a good option for economic users.

The reason for choosing 660cc cars is that they are small in size and much lower cost in terms of maintenance too. There are no such issues with spare parts getting into the hands of the wrong people. This is the main reason why they are being seen as an excellent option for economic users.

660cc Cars in Pakistan 2022

So many customers have a desire to get a car that has the ability to cover more distance per liter. So be careful before choosing a car. Here we are about to enlist the top 10 Best 660cc Cars in Pakistan for you!.

Top 10 Best 660cc Cars in Pakistan

  • Suzuki Alto (Imported)
  • Honda Life
  • Daihatsu Cuore
  • Honda N One
  • Suzuki Wagon R
  • Daihatsu Move
  • Daihatsu Mira ES
  • Honda N Box
  • Mitsubishi EK Wagon
  • Nissan Dayz

1. Suzuki Alto (Imported)

Best Priceless Average 660cc Cars in Pakistan 2022 Suzuki Alto (Imported) is regarded as one of Pakistan’s most demanding small hatchbacks. This car is all set with average fuel mileage of 15–17 KM/L. Its unique feature is included with the keyless entry with power locks.

suzuki alto
Suzuki Alto

It also has features like an air conditioner and airbags, as well as safety measures. The quality and its building structure are hard to find today. You can get it in the price range of Rs. 1,546,000.

2. Honda Life

The 5th Generation Honda Life was introduced in 2008. The 5th Generation Life is a front engine front/four wheel drive Kei car. The Honda Life 5th Generation featured a slightly redesigned exterior as well as a slight increase in exterior dimensions compared to the 4th Generation Honda Life.

honda life
Honda Life

Production of the 5th Generation Honda Life lasted for seven years. The Honda Life was available to purchase during the years 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and the year 2014. The 5th Generation Honda Life is available in 4variants C, G, PASTEL, and DIVA. The Honda Life price in Pakistan is fairly competitive when compared to other models in the same class. 

3. Daihatsu Cuore

On the this spot, let’s bring the name of Daihatsu Cuore Best Average affordable 660cc Cars in Pakistan 2022.! This is a simply amazing-looking cutting-edge design of the car. It will be available in the price range of PKR 290,000 to PKR 800,000!.

daihatsu cuore
Daihatsu Cuore

Its fuel economy is between 23 KM/L on petrol. In its main features, you will be finding the 3-cylinder engine by means of a 5-speed manual transmission. It shows a powerful set of performances on the roads.

4. Honda N One

How to miss mentioning the name “Honda N One”! This car has circular headlights with a combination of trapezium grille and rectangular shape. It has a fuel consumption of up to 20 KM per liter.

honda n one

It is one of the Best Fuel Average 660cc Cars in Pakistan 2022It is all equipped with the 0.66-liter DOHC 12-valve 3-cylinder inline engine. You will even find it getting adjusted with the gearbox of the CVT transmission.

5. Suzuki Wagon R

The price of Suzuki Wagon R 2022 in Pakistan ranges from PKR 1,877,000 for the base variant VXR to PKR 2,158,000 for the top of the line AGS variant. These prices of Suzuki Wagon R in Pakistan are ex-factory.

suzuki wagon r
Suzuki Wagon R

Suzuki Wagon R 2022 is a front-engine front-wheel drive hatchback assembled locally in Pakistan by Pak Suzuki Motors. It is also known as Pak Suzuki Wagon R due to its different variants available in India and Indonesia. The Pak Suzuki Wagon R is a Pakistani version of the Indonesian Suzuki Wagon R, but with a more advanced AC system, 2-DIN integrated 9-inch LCD option, defoggers, and boot parcel tray. 

The Wagon R is imported as a knock-down kit from Indonesia and assembled by Pak Suzuki in Pakistan. It was launched in April 2014 with three trim levels (VX, VXR and VXL), but the VX trim was discontinued in 2016. In January 2020, the VXL trim was updated with AGS automated-manual transmission and driver side airbag options.

6. Daihatsu Move

Daihatsu Move 2022 Price in Pakistan, Features, Specs. The Daihatsu Move Custom RS is a 659 cc automobile with a 64 horsepower KF-DET Turbo engine and an automatic CVT transmission. Because of its modest engine, it has excellent fuel efficiency. It has a city mileage of 12 km per liter and a motorway mileage of 16 km per liter.

daihatsu move
daihatsu move

In Pakistan, the price of a used Daihatsu Move Custom G starts at PKR 1,075,000. In Pakistan, the cost of a Move Custom G varies according to the model year, mileage, and overall condition of the version.

There are numerous amenities that promote comfort to both the driver and the passenger. Internally and externally, it’s extremely lovely, especially for a youngster. Because of its modest engine, it is best for household use inside the city but not for travelling up hills or in mountainous areas.

7. Daihatsu Mira ES

The Daihatsu Mira ES is imported all the way from Japan Best Fuel Average 660cc Cars in Pakistan 2022. It has a fuel mileage of up to 30KM/L. Its exterior design is done in an incredibly luxurious way.

The price of this car in Pakistan ranges from PKR 1,200,000-1,800,000 as it is an imported car that’s why there is variance in its price. 

suzuki wagonr

It works best with the 660cc KF engine, as well as the DOHC 12 valves and auto gear full meter touch. Once you drive this car, you will love riding in it again and again!

8. Honda N Box

Honda N Box is next on our list of Best Fuel Average 660cc Cars in Pakistan 2022! This car has the best consumption of fuel mileage at around 20 KM/L. It is settled ideally with the front grille, headlights, and chrome accents too. This car is definitely the best example of style and sophistication.

Honda N Box price is 14,50,000 in Pakistan(avg. ex-showroom price). Honda N Box available in 0 variants –

honda n box
Honda N Box

Honda N Box Dimension are as follows. Honda N Box length is 3395 mm, width is 1475 mm, Height is 1780 mm and wheelbase is 2520 mm. By knowing the N Box dimension, You can clearly understand the size of the Honda N Box.

 9. Mitsubishi EK Wagon

The price range of the Mitsubishi EK Wagon varies from PKR 980,000 to PKR 2,400,000 in Pakistan. The Mitsubishi EK Wagon is a Kei car with a front/four engine. The 3rd generation offers multiple safety features at a competitive price.

mitsubishi ek wagon
Mitsubishi EK Wagon

Most of the variants offer keyless entry features except for the Mitsubishi EK Wagon M e-Assist variant. 

10. Nissan Dayz

The price of Nissan Dayz in Pakistan ranges from PKR 1,425,000 to PKR 2,625,000 for a used Nissan Dayz. These prices of Nissan Dayz in Pakistan vary on model year, mileage, variant and overall condition of the car.

nissan dayz
Nissan Dayz

Nissan Dayz is a minicar that offers a high-quality interior with a dynamic feel to its exterior. It has a lightweight body, an auxiliary gearbox, and a 3 cylinder engine. 


So this was a complete article on 660cc cars in Pakistan. All of the above cars are best for economic users who want to travel in cars and are looking for a cost-efficient, or you can say, fuel-efficient, car..

We recommend you check out all of the above to see which one is the right match for you!'
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