7 things you need to know about apple iphone car charger
7 things you need to know about apple iphone car charger

7 Things You Need to Know About Apple iPhone Car Charger

Getting a MagSafe car charger for an iPhone is quite simple, but there are trade-offs. There is no comprehensive solution to wirelessly hold and charge your iPhone. The MagSafe Charger is designed to safely wirelessly charge your iPhone.

The charger efficiently adapts to conditions to optimize charging your iPhone at up to 15W of power. If you want to know more about the Apple iPhone car charger, then this article will be quite useful.

Why Do You Need an iPhone Car Charger?

Being an iPhone user, you must be aware of the fact that new models do not come with a charger – they do support wireless MagSafe charging, though. The trick can be to make some extra cash on accessories.

If you are surprised with an iPhone coming with no charger, you must have already purchased one or looking to buy one sooner. If you are wondering about minimizing the use of your iPhone since you don’t have a charger handy, there are a few options you can consider buying.

Apart from that, the chances are that you have a charger and are looking to buy an additional one for your car so that you can keep your iPhone up and running on the go.

So before you unsubscribe to certain apps and programs to improve the battery life of your iPhone, let’s learn more about alternate iPhone car chargers. If you are still looking to unsubscribe from a few apps on your iPhone, the link https://setapp.com/how-to/how-to-cancel-an-apple-subscriptions is your complete guide to unsubscribing carefully.

What Are the Best Options for an iPhone Charger?

Having a premium quality car iPhone charger is essential when you most often need your iPhone. It will help in timely taking important phone calls, streaming music, or using GPS navigation. While purchasing the right car charger for iPhones, examine your car’s technology.

For example, integration of built-in USB portals. Some car iPhone chargers are wireless, which means you can wirelessly charge your iPhone. Here are the best chargers you can consider.

  •  Scosche MagicMount

The car charger is designed to work better with MagSafe wireless chargers for Apple iPhone 12 and later versions. Scosche Magic Mount provides a 20W car adapter but features nothing to plug into it.

This proves to be a convenient necessity to safely use your iPhone hands-free while you’re driving. You need to give your own MagSafe puck, which adds extra cost to the original price tag. Owning a puck is necessary to get MagSafe certified mounting and charging.

  • Belkin’s Car Vent Mount Pro

This is the only MagSafe Certified car mount designed with the official MagSafe technology. The certification doesn’t mean it provides power. You need to plug your iPhone into a lightning cable to charge your phone quickly.

It charges much faster than normal wireless charging. It is designed to offer a seamless set-and-drive experience along with convenient cable management. But, its major downside is that it will let you tangle around with a cable.

  • AmazonBasics Four-Port Car Charger

This is a four-port USB car charger that can be used for charging iPhones and iPads as well. This is a highly durable charger that offers multiple ways to keep your iPhone fully charged while traveling.

The charger is designed to be slim enough to easily plug into the DC input for your car without consuming much space. Safety is given the utmost priority to ensure safe use. For example, over-voltage, short-circuit, and overload protection.

  • Syncwire iPhone Car Charger

Coiled cables can’t hang up on other items and are not vulnerable to cracks or other damage. It has become the leading choice of numbers of users for providing fast charging. It can even charge two devices at the same time.

With a built-in lighting cable and an open USB port to use a cable, it prevents the device from overheating. This charger is designed with thermal material and a sturdy polycarbonate shell. You’ll also find an onboard iPhone charging cable.  

  • Ailkin Car Charger Two-Pack

This is another most effective and simple charger that comes as two for the price of one. Each hub consists of two USB ports and is designed using fireproof material. It takes about 1-2 hours to completely charge your iPhone.

Ailkin car charger quickly identifies your device and works effectively with iPad, iPhones, and other USB devices. The pocket size allows users to easily put it into the door storage or glove compartment when not in use.

  • Anker USB-C – Type C Car Adapter

This is another most recommended iPhone car charger with universal high-speed. It is fully compatible with several devices ranging from iPhones to USB-C tablets. Even it features an amazing and ultra-soft LED lamp to let users easily and quickly find the ports in the dark.

Just like AmazonBasics Four-Port Car Charger, this charger also charges two devices at once. This is because it is designed with widely-recognized PowerIQ 3.0 tech.

  • ESR HaloLock Magnetic Charger

Inspired by Apple’s MagSafe magnetic charging for iPhone 12, the ESR HaloLock seems to have it all. It perfectly works with iPhone 13 as well. Its 7.5W fast wireless charging, when connected with a USB-A port charging adapter, facilitates 18W QC charging.

The main drawback is that it doesn’t have MagSafe certification. That means Apple allows charging the phone at 7.5W. Puck holders can get most of the functionality without actually having to be certified. Having an AppleCare Plus subscription can save you from paying for any damages. 

The Conclusion

The Apple iPhone car charger is recommended to maintain battery health for longer. Apple’s new versions starting from iPhone 12, do not consist of any wall adapters in the packed box. The newest Smartphones, such as iPhone 14, include support for magnetic MagSafe charging of Apple.

Users having no Apple power adapters can charge using a USB-C power adapter. Some users stated that their iPhone 12 perfectly works with USB lightning cords when plugged into a car. Make sure to check your iPhone’s compatibility before buying a charger.

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